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Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Smackdown: Part 2

30 Apr


I determined that this mile-long ramble was too long for one post and cut it in half instead. Without further ado, here’s part 2!

4. Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon 8-Pan Palette in Comfort Zone

Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Eyeshadow Comfort Zone 738

(Again, no review on this one, but see it in action in this look, in my 2013 July Favorites, and swatched in my initial haul here.)

A smaller drugstore palette, but it still deserves recognition because it is so darn interesting. It can be used to create a basic neutral eye (light lid, highlighted inner corner, definition in crease) or something weird and wonderful with that beautiful blue-brown duochrome or shimmery light green. The shadows are so richly pigmented and smooth, especially for a drugstore palette. And did I mention $5?!

The packaging is kinda cheap, because it is kinda cheap. I can live with it. I would take it traveling because I don’t really care if it gets smashed to bits. It’s a comforting thought, really. 🙂 I don’t reach for this as often as I should, but I’m going to put it on my desk right now and make myself come up with something for you guys, because this palette deserves it.

Hold up, I’m getting teary.

Pigmentation: 5/5

Versatility: 4.5/5

Packaging: 2.5/5

Overall: 3.8/5

Do I reach for it? Rarely, but I’m going to change that.

5. The Balm Nude ‘Tude Palette

Let’s get this out of the way: lol, naked ladies. Mk, onto the review.

I haven’t reviewed this because I got it, I played with it, and I determined that it was too weird for daily use. This palette should serve as caution to other neutral palettes- experiment with shade range and tone and whatnot, but don’t do what Nude ‘Tude has done.

Dramatic, dramatic. What I mean to say is, what am I going to do with a shimmery light yellow? In a neutrals palette? And 2 cool greyish shadows? I like the addition of Serious and Sleek (matte black and dark brown) that are lacking from the Lorac Unzipped, but jeez louise, who came up with this color selection? The shimmery highlight shade Sassy is so starkly white that it stands out against my pale skin. This is a first, and not a good first.

The pigmentation is hit-or-miss. Shades like Schitzo/Seductive, Sexy, and Stand-offish are gorgeous, while Silly has very little payoff. Overall I was pretty impressed.

The packaging is also an issue. The shadows are so soft that little shadow bits get everywhere. I am a wee bit obsessive and I hate having messy-looking palettes, so this bugs the absolute crap out of me. If the pans were deeper, they wouldn’t have to reformulate the shadows. Buttt they aren’t.

Basically, this palette is all over the place.

Pigmentation: 4/5

Versatility: 3/5

Packaging: 3/5

Overall: 3.3/5

Do I reach for it? Hardly ever.

6. Sleek i-Divine Palette in Au Naturel

Another cheaper palette at around $12. I’m a bit disappointed by the shades as the entire top row is pretty much the same. I tend to use this palette for the standout shades, notably the gorgeous khaki gold and the reddish brown in the bottom row. The pigmentation is very spotty in some shades, especially the mattes. The packaging is quite sturdy, to the point where I struggle to open it.

Pigmentation: 2.5/5

Versatility: 2/5

Packaging: 4/5

Overall: 2.8/5

Do I reach for it? Hardly ever.

So, we’ve reached the end of my larger neutral palette smackdown (I’ve edited out the smaller ones because we’d be here til next Tuesday).

Wait, it’s already Tuesday?? Sorry, guys.


Highest pigmentation: Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone, Lorac Pro, and Urban Decay Naked

Most versatility: Lorac Pro

Best packaging: Lorac Unzipped and Lorac Pro

Highest overall: Lorac Pro

Most reached for: Lorac Pro and Urban Decay Naked

Well, I think the results are pretty clear.

The winner of this Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Smackdown goes to the Lorac Pro Palette. 

Thank you for participating, prizes at the door.

Whew! That was a lot of blogging. This whole thing took me over an hour! Please let me know your thoughts on these palettes and whether your holy grail neutral palette is different from mine (I’d love to get my grubby hands on more…consumerism is a problem)!




Prom Makeup Look #1

29 Apr

Calling this Look #1 so I’m inspired to continue the series. Image I decided to try out some cool-toned eyeshadows today, which don’t work as well with my skin buttttt I am stubborn and I made them work. Image And of course, some glitter liner. Image Image Up close and personal 🙂 ImageImage       If you’ve ever known the pain of attempting to apply a crease color with no visible eye socket, I am here for you.

Products used:

I basically screwed around with my neutral palettes so I can’t remember the exact shades. I’m sure this would be super easy to replicate with any neutral palette of your choosing 🙂

♦ Lorac Unzipped Palette

♦ The Balm Nude ‘Tude Palette

♦ Wet ‘n Wild Panther eyeshadow

♦ Physicians Formula Eye Booster

♦ NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Gold

♦ Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Black

♦ Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara (ooo, shocker)

I love prom makeup but it can get a bit boring…my next look will hopefully include some color. Which color would you like to see? I’m thinking something bright with some brown/black to neutralize it a bit. Maybe purple? Blue? Let me know!


Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Smackdown: Part 1

28 Apr

Whoa. That sounded dramatic. 

But really, I have so many neutral palettes. Why not talk about them and share the glory?


1. Urban Decay Naked Palette

(My review here.)

Yep, Naked the First and only for me, as I have found love at first swatch (you should’ve seen me in Sephora. It was like I’d gotten a perfect SAT score…which sadly, I did not). Granted, this palette is not very versatile. More mattes, please! But the colors are gorgeous and each is unique, so I forgive. The packaging does irk me a bit, although I know they’ve fixed this in the Naked 2 and 3. Fake velvet though? Really? Dust magnet all up in here. I wouldn’t take it traveling, but it is one gorgeous lil thang.

One thing I love about this palette that I don’t see a lot is the variety of warm and cool tones. The Naked 1 is known as the warm-toned neutrals out of the 3, but it has a few cool tones in there, too! Darkhorse is greeny-brown, Toasted is a pinky-brown, Gunmetal is a blue-silver just to keep things interesting…come on, it’s amazing.

And because I like lists…

Pigmentation: 5/5

Versatility: 3.5/5

Packaging: 3.5/5

Overall: 4/5

Do I reach for it? Almost every day!

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