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Should I Be a Teen Columnist?

30 Jun

A few days ago my friend informed me of an opportunity to become one of the teen columnists for our local newspaper. I was initially excited because I love writing, but I found the application process tedious and anxiety-provoking. I needed to submit a cover letter and 3 examples of my writing, which sounds simple enough for a normal, not-obsessive person, but for me it was basically torture.

Brain: Go on Olivia, pick 3. 

Me: Ok, I’ll do a blog post. 

Brain: Good idea! Which one?

80 posts later, I decided that I hated everything I’d ever written and should resign myself to weeping quietly in the corner.

Brain chimes in helpfully: How about a movie review?

Me: The only movie review I thought was semi-decent was Superman, and that was NEGATIVE. I must be unicorns-and-rainbows cheery for this application.

Brain: Write a new one!

An hour later, my Sherlock Holmes movie review was born.

Me: Hmm, that was alright. 

Brain: But here’s a typo! That sounds funny! That’s cheesy! What was I ON when you wrote this?

Me: *sniffle*

Good enough. Now, a school assignment. I’ve already written it, now I need to find it.

Brain: This is stupid. You can’t use any of these. 

Me: Oh, I like this one. 

Brain: That’s a POEM. You’re applying for a COLUMN. No correlation.

Me: How about this paper? It got a 99! 

Brain: That’s depressing. It’s about a book about a body! Death! Not cheery. 

Me: Deal with it, I’m using it. 

What now? An original work! Relevant teen topics…hmm…driving!

Brain: Stoopid.

Me: It’s not terribly original, but it’s an important issues and readers will relate to it. 

Well, that was boring. Done, done, and done. Cover letter time.

An hour later…

Me: MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Casey: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Can you help me with my thing?

Dr. Casey: What thing?

Me: My WRITING thing.

Dr. Casey: Mhmm…mhmm…this is crap. Take it out. Put that up there. That sounds unprofessional. What were you ON when you wrote this?

All in all, ’twas a learning experience. One that I would not readily repeat. Wish me luck?


LOTD: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

29 Jun

My wonderful friend Elizabeth is in a play tonight, so I cooked up some neutral makeup with my new palettes.





It’s a bit darker in real life but still very subtle and (hopefully) appropriate for a semi-formal occasion. And just because that’s boring, I threw in a picture of galaxy-inspired makeup I tried a few weeks ago. It’s a lot more difficult to draw stars on one’s eyes than I thought and after that nice one in the lower left I just gave up :O


If you guys have any tips on how to photograph makeup (i.e. color saturation!), please feel free to share them! I have a point-and-shoot camera (Nikon Coolpix) but it has to perform better than this 😐

Consumer Morals

29 Jun

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have a strict set of morals concerning consumer goods, including but not limited to cosmetics, food, and clothing. I subsequently realized that I don’t, so here’s my attempt to outline the opinions I do have. This post wasn’t intended to offend anyone, so if you have a different opinion, please be civil about it.


As a pet owner, I don’t like the idea of animal testing (cute fluffy bunnies), but from a scientific/medical standpoint we need to test products on either animals or humans. When it’s makeup instead of medicine, I’d prefer to buy from brands that do not test their products on animals. It just doesn’t seem necessary when so many other companies manage without it and so many consumers are staunchly against it.



I eat meat because it’s a good source of protein and it tastes good, so I’ll never be a vegetarian or a vegan. I can respect people who choose to be vegetarian or vegan for dietary, moral, or religious reasons, but I hate when they throw it back in my face as if I ought to feel the same way. You don’t eat meat because you love animals? That’s completely fine, but please PLEASE don’t try to force that opinion onto me.

Fair Trade:

I’ve noticed that a few products in the grocery store, especially chocolate and coffee, have “fair trade” stickers and explanations of what they mean. I’m not going to go out of my way to buy fair trade products, but they make me feel warm and fuzzy when I do, knowing that someone got a good deal on my milk chocolate.

Reduced Fat/Sugar/etc:

A bit off topic, but why does every fatter, sugary, unhealthy food nowadays have a reduced calorie option? If you’re going to eat something, eat it. Believe me, I’ve been watching my weight for a while (it’s not going anywhere), so I understand the attraction to things that taste good but aren’t bad for you, but craving ice cream and eating nonfat yogurt just doesn’t satisfy. If you can train your taste buds to like granola bars more than cake, I applaud you, but if you’re like the rest of us, reward yourself with a treat once in a while. It’s ok 🙂


Fur. It’s meant to be luxurious, worn as a symbol of glamour and wealth. With so many faux fur alternatives on the clothing market, I don’t believe that there’s any need to kill animals for their fur. It feels wasteful and I wouldn’t personally buy or wear it, but I’m not about to throw tomatoes at someone who feels differently.

Clearly this post proves I’m a bit wishy-washy when it comes to consumer good-related morals. I tend to take the middle road when it comes to these controversies; in general, if what you believe or do doesn’t interfere with the quality of my life or the lives of those I care about, keep marchin’ on.

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