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I Love This Geeky Quote :D

31 Jul

Sums up what I was trying to say in my post “On Being a Geek.” Loved this 🙂


Supernatural Seasons 4, 5, & 6 Review

31 Jul

I’m terribly lax about updating my reviews apparently, but I’ve been going through seasons like crazy. I’ll try not to spoil endings, but it’s tough to not give away details when I’m reviewing multiple seasons. If you want to keep secrets completely unsullied, avoid the stars (***) that denote serious spoilers.

Around season 4 I started to notice a pattern: somewhere in the beginning to middle of the season, a new “major villain” would come into the picture and the brothers and their comrades spend the rest of the season preparing to battle it out in the final episode. I recently introduced a friend to the show, and although she fell rather hard, her complaint was that the episodes in the first few seasons were too cut-and-dry and repetitive. If you’re of the same mind, rest assured the big villains get bigger and the storylines get MUCH MUCH hairier.  Continue reading

Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo Review

30 Jul

Yes, I have all of these. ‘Tis an addiction.

Here’s a video I made in April reviewing all but a few of the Color Tattoos (the 3 I didn’t review in the video are in the description below). It’s a bit awkward considering I’m not an on-camera person but it sums up my opinion on these lovely products so watch at your own risk 🙂 Swatches included at the end of the video, skip to 9:35 to bypass my ramblings.

Continue reading

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