Miscellaneous Shopping Haul

10 Jul

I did it again, guys. I fell off the no-shopping wagon. Wanna see what I got? 🙂

Note: all shadows swatched dry, no primer unless otherwise mentioned.


Storage container from Michaels Craft Store! I’m always in need of another container to store makeup jars and what have you. This one fits my Maybelline Color Tattoos (yes, I have all of them. I am that girl), glitters, bases, and Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows. As you can see, I’ll probably end up needing another one pretty soon…


Glitters! I got these at Sally Beauty Supply for around $5 each, which I think is fair. Swatched from left to right over clear lipgloss: Gold Rush, Snow Cap, Sunrise, Silver Rush. These are gorgeous 😀


From Walmart I picked up an NYC Glossy Lipbalm, which I’m not a huge fan of. It’s an awkward orangey-red color on the lips and it smells like artificial apples, which isn’t entirely unpleasant, just weird. The other 2 swatches are from Target: the Milani Shadow Eyez Pencil in “Brown Deluxe” and the Covergirl shadow pencil in “Flamed Out.” I LOVE these pencils. Both are water-resistant, meaning that once they’re dry, they will stay on basically forever. I’m planning to purchase more on my next Target run.


Also from Target, a Revlon Photoready Palette in “Metropolitan.” The swatches don’t do this palette justice; the shadows are really soft and the colors are gorgeous and go very well together for a subtle neutral look. The glitter shadow is the only con of this palette; it needs a base or it will slide right off the eye. Kind of a pain, but it’s the smallest shadow in there and I can ignore it unless I really feel like breaking out my glitter base.


Random sparkly things! My favorite! Bunny ring was on clearance at Kohls, and the rhinestone wheel and geode necklace are from Michaels. I love how the rhinestones vary in color and size so I don’t need to buy 10 different boxes of rhinestones. I used a medium-sized red stone for my Eye of the Tiger inspired makeup.


What cave have I been living in to not have purchased these Wet ‘n Wild palettes before now???? They are AMAZING. The shadows are soft and generally very pigmented, and they are $5 in the U.S. Five. Dollars. I’ve just died and gone to makeup heaven.


Wet ‘n Wild palette in “Petal Pusher.” I wasn’t as pleased with this palette, but what can you expect from purple eyeshadows? They are the bane of my existence. These aren’t bad by any means, but they need a primer and a base to really show up.


Wet ‘n Wild palette in “Comfort Zone.” This palette. I love it. Most of the colors are great for neutral makeup without being “too neutral” (aka just highlights and browns). I mean, that GREEN. But the real star of the show in this palette is the ahmazing blue/brown duochrome shown in the last 2 pictures. Just look at it for a minute. First it’s brown. Then it’s blue. Brown. Blue. Brown. Blueeeee.


Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows from Target. From top to bottom: Endless Sea, Liquid Diamond (my favorite, it is such a beautiful shimmering lilac color), Golden Emerald, and Continuous Cocoa. These swatch really beautifully but for some reason don’t translate as well to the eye. I’d recommend applying them with a finger or using a base. They are nicely pigmented and the colors are gorgeous 🙂

Random clothing items!


I felt like I needed a black vest. Maybe it’ll be part of my Halloween costume..?


Green pants 😀 TJ Maxx is my best friend.

Well, that just about wraps up my miscellaneous shopping haul. I need to start being good about spending my money. I actually just deposited my savings from the past decade into my long-neglected bank account, so it’ll be out of my greedy paws for a while (probably a good thing). Let me know if you’d like an in-depth review of any of the products. Cheers everyone and happy shopping!


3 Responses to “Miscellaneous Shopping Haul”

  1. bubliibeauty July 11, 2013 at 10:33 am #

    Lovely haul 🙂 The wet n wild shadow palette reminds me of the colorstay one…

    • O July 11, 2013 at 10:48 am #

      Thank you! It is a bit similar but I’d say the pigmentation of the wet n wild palette is better and there’s more colors to choose from. And it’s cheaper! I’m in love 🙂


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