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Review | L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2

30 Mar

Hey there friends.

I kinda dig the trend of drugstore neutral palettes lately. Ok, trend of two, but I passed on the Maybelline The Nudes palette since reviews tended to be rather awful. Still, it’s a start! And this palette…oo baby is it ever good.

la palette 2

Between this and the first La Palette Nude, these are definitely the colors I’d use the most. I’d compare the colors in the first palette to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette; warm bronzes and browns and whatnot. These are more neutral to cool-toned purple shadows, much more up my alley 😀 The one complaint I have is that the 4 shimmery shades are nothing to write home about…especially the two mid-tone shadows (2 and 5 from the left), they just lack intensity.

la palette 2 2

No flash v. flash, 1-2 swipes on bare skin. Damn, those mattes though!! I love that over half the palette is matte, and the texture is so creamy and smooth. As the colors get darker, they only get more pigmented. Not to over-compare, but this is the palette I wish the Naked 3 was. And only $15! *dies of joy*

la palette 2 3

Oops, couldn’t wait to take pictures before I swatched. #noragrets

Packaging is pretty solid btw (mirror!), and even though the included brush is rather gimmicky, I’d totally take this traveling. I need to stop bringing expensive makeup when I travel because I might lose it and then the world would slowly crumble to ash around me.

So what do you think? Pretty nice, eh? I might pick up the first one to gift to someone I lurrrvvv, or just keep selfishly even though I already have 23945083299 neutral palettes. But like, not THAT neutral palette, ya feel me?

I’ll post a few looks with this lil guy when I get some free time. *laughs quietly to self*


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Clown Concept

25 Mar

Hey there friends. There are a ton of photos for this one, mostly because abandoning my homework and doing an impromptu photoshoot in my room was much more appealing to me than actually doing the homework. Adios, anatomy grade. Cat muscles can wait.

clown tears 6clown tears 2

Click to embiggen.

Gettin’ artsy with the editing there, Olive. Btw I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned but I usually only crop and edit my photos for contrast, but sometimes changing the hue is fun, too. I’m not actually good at photo editing whatsoever, so what you see is pretty much what happened on muh face.

clown tears 4 clown tears 3

Dreaming about that special someone…or just food, in my case.

clown tearsclown tears 7

Aaaand some messy closeups.

clown tears 8

So….yeah. This was done in an uber big rush so the lines aren’t particularly clean, but the concept is there I think. Sad clown. Lime green. Yep. So what do you think, are the polka dot pajamas working for me or nah? 😉

I won’t bother with products used since nobody in their right mind would recreate this, but if you’d like to know, just ask 🙂


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Smallish Sephora Haul ft. MUFE & Stila

21 Mar

Hey there friends. I finally buckled to the serious peer pressure going on amongst beauty bloggers/Youtubers right now and bought three of the incredibly lovely (and expensive!) Makeup For Ever Artist Shadows.

mufe 3 pan

Observe the beauty.

Left to right on arm: I514 Pink Ivory, I340 Lime Green, M546 Dark Purple Taupemufe 3 pan 2

Sephora also threw in a free deluxe sample of Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso, which is a surprisingly gorgeous and universally flattering neutral red (no noticeable orange or blue tones). It was very easy to apply; the applicator was pretty thin, which allowed me to achieve fairly sharp lip lines. It has a wonderful vanilla scent as well, reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

stila beso

Yes, I overdrew my lips. I apologize for nothing.

stila beso 2

Ok, Olive, smile more!

stila beso 3

I used the MUFE shadows this morning and oh my gosh, they are just as amazing as all the hype. Review coming soon, methinks…

Thoughts? Leave ’em in the little box, loves ♥


Follow me around! I post a bunch of blog previews and other neat junk.

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