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LOTD: Thanksgiving

30 Nov

I had a glorious Thanksgiving, No annoying relatives, no hustley-bustley preparing-way-too-much-food, just a nice, quiet, 2-course feast. 🙂


I attempted a twisty thing with my hair that I think went rather well for someone with -20 hair talent.


I didn’t want to do anything extravagant so I stuck with simple, just a few bright eyeshadows on top of a white eyeliner.

My mom made an amazing pumpkin cheesecake with almond paste instead of a thick later of crust, which was beyond delicious. I disguised the crack with an artful swirl of whipped cream.


Don’t worry, it’s grape juice. Although for some reason Thanksgiving tends to be the holiday where my family pushes me to try wine. It’s fine and all, but great role modeling, guys.


And that’s that! I hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings! Cheers!




28 Nov

And to all a good night.

Wait, wrong holiday.



P.S. Happy birthday, Helen!

Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Theater

27 Nov

It’s over much too quickly, and I can’t help grieving a little bit (read: way too much). I’ve had 24 hours to let it sink in, so I’m no longer a complete mess and can contemplate this experience like a rational being. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1. You don’t have to be perfect. Honestly, it’s taken so long for this lesson to sink in, but when I’m in the middle of slapping mass quantities of glitter, eyeliner, and lashes on singing showgirls or rushing back and forth making tea and fussing with ties (I hate em), I don’t have time to take my time, or even to consider whether I’m doing well. It’s only after the show is over that I realize that I made part of that magic happen, and let me tell you, it’s an amazing feeling.

2. If you don’t know, make it up. No one likes their frantic questions to be met with blank stares, so if you don’t know the answer, make something up! Help them look for the scissors. Point them in the vague direction of their query.

3. You’re never too busy to help someone out. Honestly, they’d probably do it for you, and even if they wouldn’t, you don’t want to be that super duper “busy” person who never has time to help out. Which leads me to my next point…

4. Don’t take your anger out on others. Ever. Just…don’t. Understandably you are stressed out, we all have jobs to do, but take a moment once in a while to appreciate the sheer magnitude of what we’ve all achieved thus far and what we will continue to achieve. It’s absolutely stupendously incredible. I don’t understand how anyone could think of it as a chore.

5. Laugh at your mistakes. Everyone makes ’em.

6. Enjoy every single bit of it. Every screw-up, every wrong note, every missed cue. It’s all beautiful, YA?

Before the last showing on Sunday…I’m the short techie on the left. 🙂

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