Honesty Time: This Awards Post is Ridiculously Long

16 Aug

I’ve been nominated for several awards since I started this blog, butttt I procrastinated a lot on doing them. Sorry!!! But I really, really appreciate the nominations, it means a lot to me knowing that my blog is read and enjoyed by awesome people 🙂 Warning, this post is a bit of a novel! 

Liebster Award(s) from Gothicbeeza and The Day Dreaming, Candy Eating, Red Headed Bookworm. Thank you both so much for the nomination, I am a huge fan of your blogs! From what I can gather, this award recognizes blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

The rules are:

You must link back the person who nominated you.
You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.
You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

My questions from Gothicbeeza are:

1) What is your go-to colour of lipstick? I’m just getting into lipstick, but I’d say matte coral, I love how summery it looks (not too girly and not too hooker-esque).

2) Do you prefer buying your beauty products online or in-store? Online because I can find good deals, but I can swatch things in-store…hmm. HMMM.

3) Have you ever bought anything “limited edition”? Probably, somewhere, out in the great expanse of space.

4). Which do you prefer: Liquid liner or Kohl liner? Liquid, because I’m getting better at it! It used to be a huge mess :\

5) Is there any celeb whose style you covet? Not really, but I admire Lucy Hale’s girly edginess, if that makes any sense.

7) If you could start your own line of cosmetics, what would you call it? Tough questions! I think I’d have a little shop called Olive’s Oddities with all sorts of scarves and jewelry and bits and bobs and makeup…

8) Do you go out of your way to buy cruelty free products? In general I like to buy cruelty-free, but I won’t pass on an amazing product.

9) What makeup items are currently sitting in your handbag? Mirror (does that count?), Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Raspberry Blush. That’s it, I swear. I don’t carry makeup around with me, I get shy about touching up in public.

10) Smokey or Neutral? Neutral smokey. See what I did there? 😉

And from Lindsey:

1. Are you a wheat bread or white bread person? My mother buys wheat bread, so definitely white.

2. Name a book or movie character you would marry on the spot. This is SO DIFFICULT, you have no idea. Loki, and we would rule the world. Or maybe Dean Winchester, because then we could hunt demons and monsters together (dream job right there). Ugh. Come back to me.

3. What is your favorite part about yourself (does not have to be a physical part)? I am appreciative of my ability to write pretty things. I also love how pale and freckly I am, tan does not suit me.

4. What made you decide to start a blog? I like writing pretty things.

5. Name the first song that comes to mind. We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel, I listened to it in the car a few minutes ago. Yes, I did indeed sing along. Yes, I know all the words. Yes, I realize how sad that is.

6. What is something you wish for but know it is an impossibility? Loki and Dean Winchester to magically appear at my house and tell me the world needs saving/destroying and I’m the only one who can save/destroy humanity. Yep. This is what I dream about.

7. What is your favorite season? Fall. It’s pretty and I don’t have to mow the lawn.

8. What is the first book that comes to mind? Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Love it.

9. Who is someone you depend on? My lovely friends. Bef, Juju, you know who you are.

10. What quote inspires you? I’m not really an inspirational quote person, but I love “He attacked everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence, and it was often difficult to tell which was which.” Douglas Adams is a genius for describing my life so well.

11. If you could change your name, what would it be? I’m actually ok with my name, but I’d go for something snappy, like an action hero, or something ethereal. Maybe I’d be a superhero. I dunno! Great questions!

If I nominated you for this award (below), here are your questions:

1) If you have/had a nickname, what would it be?

2) Who is your fictional character crush? I know you have one 😀

3) Who was the last person you talked to about something important?

4) Which do you prefer, music or books?

5) If you could cut your hair any length/style and be guaranteed to look amazing, which style would you choose?

6) What is your least favorite color and why?

7) Would you rather be 6 inches shorter or a foot taller? (sorry for non-metric measurements :\)

8) If you were only able to use one makeup product for the rest of your life, which would it be?

9) Are you a risk taker?

10) Name the nearest green object.

Shine On Blog Award from Cherry Blossom Pretty. Thanks so much for the nomination! I love your creative makeup posts.

The rules are:

Proudly display the award logo on your blog.20130701-134807

Link back to the person who nominated you and thank them.

List 7 facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know you’ve nominated them.

Seven facts about me…hmm.

1) I started makeup about 2 years ago and have been completely addicted ever since.

2) I am obsessed with movies and TV shows and will willingly have a 6-hour conversation with you about my predictions for the third season of Sherlock or whether Robert Downey Jr. will stop making Iron Man films.

3) I want to be a pathologist. I am aware of how creepy-weird that is.

4) I love English and detest Math.

5) I really like food, but I can’t cook anything except french toast. And on a good day, water.

6) I am surprisingly good at air hockey.

7) I have picked up home remodeling skills from my mother and am quite handy with a paint roller and a drill.

WordPress Family Award from Suzie81. Thank you so much for the award! I love reading your blog, there’s always something colorful or meaningful or different on there to cheer me up 🙂

The rules are:

Display the Award Certificate on your blog.Image

Announce your win with a post. Make sure you post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers.
Leave them a comment to let them know after you have linked them to a post.
Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
My seven interesting things are listed above! Thanks again for nominating me for this award, I don’t want to get all sappy but I’m loving my “WordPress family,” you guys are all so amazing and supportive.

Instead of nominating 10-15 blogs for each award, I’m consolidating the nomination process a little bit. In no particular order, my nominations are:

http://kateflowermaquillage.wordpress.com/ for the Liebster Award. I love your makeup posts, they fill my day with cheer!

http://natzisstash.wordpress.com for the Shine On Award. You are amazing at makeup and are just ridiculously gorgeous, you deserve it!

http://hookershorde.wordpress.com/ for the WordPress Family Award. You were one of the first bloggers to comment on my posts and make me feel like I was actually accomplishing something with my ramblings. And your pets are adorable, I wish I had a horde like yours 🙂

http://nakedbeautyblog.wordpress.com for the Liebster Award. I love your makeup reviews, they make me want to book it to Target and buy everything in sight.

http://softly.nothingspaces.com/ for the Shine On Award. I love your hilarious but yet no-nonsense reviews. You look gorgeous in neutrals and bright colors, too 🙂

http://theotherendofthebrush.wordpress.com/ for the Shine On Award. Great reviews!!

http://martaxo.wordpress.lv for the Liebster Award. I’m honestly not sure how many followers you have, but you definitely deserve recognition for your awesome makeup posts.

http://andrawatkins.com/ for the WordPress Family Award. Your candid, self-deprecating, and just generally hilarious posts cheer me up every day.

http://colourmeniki.wordpress.com/ for the Liebster Award. More amazing makeup goodness!

http://thisismeagankerr.com/ for the Shine On Award. You have a great sense of style and your coppery hair is enviably gorgeous!

I could probably go on and on, but I think I’ve lost all potential readers in the dust. Thanks again so much for the nominations, I really appreciate them! I love reading your blogs, please never ever ever stop writing. Seriously, don’t even think about it 😀 Cheers everyone!

12 Responses to “Honesty Time: This Awards Post is Ridiculously Long”

  1. Catherine Dream December 31, 2013 at 1:42 pm #

    Haha, love reading your answers. I’d SO marry Loki.

    • Olivia December 31, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

      Yay! Loki is the the best 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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