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Review | Influenster Campus VoxBox

22 Apr

Hey there friends. I received another Influenster VoxBox in the mail ’bout a week ago and thought I’d review it for ya. Onward!

♦ Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse ($12.99)

Ok, gonna be honest with you, I am pale and I’d like to stay that way. I’ll be passing this on the someone who could pull of dat golden glow 🙂

♦ St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub ($3.99-4.79)

Some people rave about this affordable exfoliating scrub, and it was the thing I was most excited to get in my box, but I’m having mixed feelings. I have to be super gentle with it to avoid scratching my sensitive skin, and washing off itty bitty apricot pit particles is kind of annoying. However, I’ve never tried any type of exfoliant, so I’ll reserve judgement til I’ve played with this for a few more weeks.

One important note, though: on the package it says to use this 1-3 times PER DAY. Um, don’t do that. Your skin will hate you. I wouldn’t use this more than once every 3 days.

♦ L’Oreal Paris Advanced Straight System ($4.99 for shampoo/conditioner, $6.99 for treatments)

I have short short hair. I’ll be passing this on..

♦ Softlips Cube ($3.49)

Finally, something good! I’ve been using this lip balm with SPF15 about ten times a day for the past week, no joke. It’s a thinner formula than say, EOS balm or Chapstick, which is fine by me. It’s definitely not my faaaaavorite balm ever, but it’s pretty darn good.

♦ Sour Punch Rainbow Straws ($1.29-1.59)

First of all, can I say how much I loved getting candy in this box??? These weren’t my favorites as I generally can’t stand sticky gummy candies, but hey, it’s something. They’re pretty sour, too (a plus).

♦ Sour Punch Punchies ($0.89-1.29)

I LOVED THESE. More of a Skittle-type consistency and wonderfully sour. I tend to go for candy that burns my mouth in one way or another. I’d totally buy more.

Well, that’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed. Any thoughts? Anyone want my sunless tanner?


***These items were sent to me for review. This won’t affect my opinions; if I wanted to hate on these things, I totally would 😉

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Obligatory Reflection on the Past Year

2 Jan

Hey there friends. I’m wondering if I can post this exact post at the beginning of each new year and see if anyone notices. Anywho, since everyone’s been posting their 2014 recaps, I figured I’d throw mine in the pile.

Makeup over the past year has been pretty darn ok. I’m cringing as I look through old posts with pictures taken with my old, muy crappy camera, un-collaged due to my being an uncultured peasant. I’d like to think my newer material is more aesthetically pleasing. I’ve also learned how to use transitional shades to blend eyeshadows, and that lip products containing menthol give me a rash. I’ve finally figured out that eyebrows ought to have a shape to them, and that it’s ok if that shape isn’t the same for both brows.

A few of my favorite looks from 2014; click the pictures for more on that look 🙂

frost fairy 8

tropical collage 2DSC02880

School has been awful as usual, but I took the SAT and ACT once each, submitted 5 college applications, and have already been accepted to my state’s university. Not really much of a hooray, but at least I can fall back on it if my other options don’t pan out.

As far as personal achievements ago, I got a job! Then I hated it, so I quit and got another one. I was one of the head makeup artists for my school’s production of Cinderella. I’m preparing to take my red belt test in Taekwondo, and I biked 300 miles to fundraise for MS. And before you go getting the impression of me as a person who possesses any athletic ability whatsoever, no, no I do not.

cinderella collage 9

2014 was a good year for movies and TV in general. I saw Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb on New Year’s Eve and damn it was touching. Every time Robin Williams said something I sort of sniffled. Superhero movies (a genre of their own, obviously) were kind of on the down-low this year except GUARDIANS OF THE FREAKING GALAXY of course *drools* Still waiting on my mini Groot…

And uh, Supernatural Season 10 has been…

Yeah, I’m still not over the majesty that was episode 5, Fan Fiction.

Ugh, what else happened this year? I’m still waiting on a happening, actually. This year has been all about waiting. Hopefully 2015 will be a more decisive, get-things-done kind of year for me.

Anywho, didn’t mean to get too introspective and reminiscent with this post, but if you can’t do that at New Years, when can you? I’m so grateful for all of you and I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts in the coming year. YES. I CAN READ MINDS.


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Supernatural Series | Dean Winchester (Hunter) | Collab with Kat’s Klaws!

7 Dec

dean the hunter collage 3Hello, all! Got up the nerve to do another main character look, but I’m being a bit wishy-washy about it. This look was inspired by Dean the Hunter, the loyal, rock-loving, sharp-shooting womanizer with daddy issues. (He’s my favorite.)dean the hunter collage 2

don't objectify me

Dean the Horseman, Dean the Vampire, Dean the Demon, and Dean the Honorary Dog (not even kidding here) are yet to come. Maybe even more Dean the Hunter as he changes throughout the show.

i'm batman dean

Starting to sound like Adventure Time yet?

This look was a collaboration with basically the most perfect human being ever, Kat from Cat’s Claws (I have the most massive girl crush on her everrrrrr).

She did an awesome distressed look with blue and silver that kinda reminds me of blue jeans with an accent nail of little silver sunglasses. Whaaaat. dean collab kat nails

I mean, if I had to guess which character these nails repped, it would always be Dean. They also look rather dangerous, which I think the boy himself would appreciate. dean collab kat nails 3

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