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2 in 1 | Mr. Blonde v. Soft Neon

19 Sep

Hey there friends. Got another small order of ColourPop in and of course I had to play.


Get ready for many, many pictures of this look. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen this 1500000 times. I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done.mr blonde 2

I also think it shows off my eyes nicely. At least, they look slightly less muddy than usual.



One more, one more. That blue though. I am drooling.mr blonde

And here’s the other one I did, bit softer and with some odd brownish pink eyebrows. I’d love to have my hair that collage.glowstixDSC08925 DSC08927

Products used were Colour Pop SuperShock Shadows and Ultra Matte Lip in Mr. Blonde and Trap (for liner and brows).

Thoughts and feelings? Congratulate me on my first week of college! Do it, I say! 😉

xx Olive

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Playing with Color Placement

7 Sep

Hey there friends. Not really sure if I like this one, but I’ll post it anyways, see what everyone thinks.color placement 2

I’m always impressed when makeup artists are able to pick seemingly random color placements on their eyes and it turns out f*cking fantabulous every single time. So I turned off my brain, grabbed my UD Electric Palette and some Colourpop and MUFE shadows, and got to it.


The eyeliner is definitely my favorite part of this look. I’m planning to replicate it in a simpler, more neutral look so it can really shine, as I do feel it gets a little overpowered by all the colors.

color placement DSC09030

Products used were most of the Urban Decay Electric Palette, a few Make Up For Ever shadows, a tiny bit of Sugarpill, Colourpop SuperShock shadows in Dare, Slave2Pink, Animal, and Ibiza; and the Physicians Formula Eye Booster.

xx Olive

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Basic 5-Minute Eye Makeup

28 Jan

Hey there friends. I’ve done exclusively weird, “artsy” looks for ya’ll lately, so I figured I’d throw something uber normal and a wee bit boring in the mix.

Ok, a lot bit boring. Whatever, it’s my blog and I’ll post boring looks if I wanna! *throws whiny fit*

no makeup makeup 2


Ugh, skin, stop being a butt. But there ya go, an all-matte eye using my sadly neglected Lorac Unzipped palette. Man, I love that little guy, but I forget about him in the back of my drawer 😦

no makeup makeup 3

Basically, what I look for in a quick eye look is definition. Since I have very flat “Asian” eyes (I am part Japanese, yo), a matte purple-taupe shadow helps give the illusion of some sort of dimension in the eye socket. Brown works, too, but cool tones mimic actual shadows. Sometimes I’ll add liner, but if I’m going for the why-yes-I-did-wake-up-like-this look, PASS.

And if you have smallish eyes like me, shadow smudged under the lower lashline does amazing things.

no makeup makeup



Then I finished it off with some weirdly sharp brows and a subtle bit of mascara and bam there you go~

Cas is a hot tamale

Products used:

♦ Lorac Unzipped Palette

♦ Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara (lol this name though)

Yep, two thaaaangs. Thoughts? Love to hear ’em 😀


Follow me around! I post a bunch of blog previews and other neat junk.

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