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Instagram update

30 Apr

Hey y’all, just wanted to update you on the recent goings-on on Instagram since I stopped blogging here. I’m currently @janus.eyes ( I don’t have any plans to return to blogging, but I’m still as obsessed with makeup as I was when I started 🙂 That’s all I got, cheers!





Taking a break…

11 Nov

Hey guys, I’ve decided to take an official official break from blogging. Over the past year I’ve felt this blog becoming more and more of a chore. I don’t get to interact as much with bloggers as I do with followers and other makeup enthusiasts on Instagram, which is why most of my content ends up there right now. I will still post here occasionally in an attempt to get rid of my backlog of half-written posts (mostly pictures, if you’re into that kind of thing), but it definitely isn’t my main platform (haha, that sounds so pretentious) right now. Just wanted to let you guys know why I haven’t been posting much. If you’re still interested in ma stufffff, you can head over to my ‘stagrams, I post crazy a lot of makeup there and it might satiate the inner makeup beast within you.

Thanks for sticking with me 🙂


Playing with Color Placement

7 Sep

Hey there friends. Not really sure if I like this one, but I’ll post it anyways, see what everyone thinks.color placement 2

I’m always impressed when makeup artists are able to pick seemingly random color placements on their eyes and it turns out f*cking fantabulous every single time. So I turned off my brain, grabbed my UD Electric Palette and some Colourpop and MUFE shadows, and got to it.


The eyeliner is definitely my favorite part of this look. I’m planning to replicate it in a simpler, more neutral look so it can really shine, as I do feel it gets a little overpowered by all the colors.

color placement DSC09030

Products used were most of the Urban Decay Electric Palette, a few Make Up For Ever shadows, a tiny bit of Sugarpill, Colourpop SuperShock shadows in Dare, Slave2Pink, Animal, and Ibiza; and the Physicians Formula Eye Booster.

xx Olive

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