Orange Warrior Princess

3 Jun

Hey there friends. I had one of those mornings where I needed a pick-me-up impromptu photo shoot, and this did the trick.

Also: personal update. I moved. Yippee. Gotta find a good spot in this house for photography and find my lighted mirror in the stacks of warrior

I did crazy eyebrows on purpose, by the way 🙂 And check out my morning hair. I did indeed wake up like this..

orange warrior 2

This look started out with my desire to use a brown NYX Xtreme Lip Cream, which I can’t normally wear because I’m a little too cool-toned and it looks ridic. Here I’ve paired it with a NYX lip gloss in Natural, which is also a lil too brown for me. To compensate, I warmed up my skin like crazy with a bronze powder.DSC07372

Lol my lips aren’t actually that big.

orange warrior 3

Another huge part of this look was the highlighting and some very timid fake freckles. I basically smeared shimmery light eyeshadow over my cheekbones, nose, browbone, philtrum (groove above lips)…any high points of my face. For the fake freckles (which you can hardly see because I chickened out and blended them with a powder brush) I used a stippling sponge from a theater kit and brown eyeshadow. Yes, I have some real ones, too.

Embrace your freckles, guys. They be CUTE AS HELL.


I won’t bother with products since this is a more creative look that no one would replicate, but if you have questions, please leave ’em below 🙂

xx Olive


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