Obligatory Reflection on the Past Year

2 Jan

Hey there friends. I’m wondering if I can post this exact post at the beginning of each new year and see if anyone notices. Anywho, since everyone’s been posting their 2014 recaps, I figured I’d throw mine in the pile.

Makeup over the past year has been pretty darn ok. I’m cringing as I look through old posts with pictures taken with my old, muy crappy camera, un-collaged due to my being an uncultured peasant. I’d like to think my newer material is more aesthetically pleasing. I’ve also learned how to use transitional shades to blend eyeshadows, and that lip products containing menthol give me a rash. I’ve finally figured out that eyebrows ought to have a shape to them, and that it’s ok if that shape isn’t the same for both brows.

A few of my favorite looks from 2014; click the pictures for more on that look 🙂

frost fairy 8

tropical collage 2DSC02880

School has been awful as usual, but I took the SAT and ACT once each, submitted 5 college applications, and have already been accepted to my state’s university. Not really much of a hooray, but at least I can fall back on it if my other options don’t pan out.

As far as personal achievements ago, I got a job! Then I hated it, so I quit and got another one. I was one of the head makeup artists for my school’s production of Cinderella. I’m preparing to take my red belt test in Taekwondo, and I biked 300 miles to fundraise for MS. And before you go getting the impression of me as a person who possesses any athletic ability whatsoever, no, no I do not.

cinderella collage 9

2014 was a good year for movies and TV in general. I saw Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb on New Year’s Eve and damn it was touching. Every time Robin Williams said something I sort of sniffled. Superhero movies (a genre of their own, obviously) were kind of on the down-low this year except GUARDIANS OF THE FREAKING GALAXY of course *drools* Still waiting on my mini Groot…

And uh, Supernatural Season 10 has been…

Yeah, I’m still not over the majesty that was episode 5, Fan Fiction.

Ugh, what else happened this year? I’m still waiting on a happening, actually. This year has been all about waiting. Hopefully 2015 will be a more decisive, get-things-done kind of year for me.

Anywho, didn’t mean to get too introspective and reminiscent with this post, but if you can’t do that at New Years, when can you? I’m so grateful for all of you and I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts in the coming year. YES. I CAN READ MINDS.


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