Review | Too Faced Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Fig

9 Nov

Hello, friends! Now, before you say, YES I waited absolutely AGES to buy this, and YES I regret that SO HARD. But I finally narrowed down my deep-rooted and frankly unhealthy desire for this product into one color, Melted Fig.

melted fig collage

In order to form a coherent review of this product, I will try to jettison my jumble of enthusiasm into an organized list.

A) The packaging is pretty. I love how each color has corresponding packaging.

B) The applicator is PERFECT. Because I have thin, pathetic, white girl lips (and yeah I know some white girls have full luscious lips but this white girl don’t), most lisptick (lispstick. Say it with me.) applicators force me to color outside the lines. This one doesn’t. It also doesn’t deposit too much product onto the lips at once, which is appreciated. I forgot to take a proper picture of it, but it’s a spongy tip that dispenses the product from the middle by squeezing the tube.

C) The consistency is so light and wonderful. I can barely feel that I have anything on my lips (lisps?). The wear time at full power is about 4 hours; after that it fades evenly to a light MLBB color.

D) The color is lovely. My friend commented that it made me look “old and professional.” Obviously I had to have it; anything that doesn’t make me look like a 12-year old who raided her mother’s makeup stash is a plus in my book.

One thing I noticed: this doesn’t seem to dry down to a matte finish. I don’t like true liquid lipsticks because they tend to be very drying, so I’m not sad about this discovery, but I wanted this to be the smudge-proof budge-proof lipstick angel of my dreams. Oh, well. I still love it.

You can find this guy here: fig collage 2

Lip closeups…does it get ANY more awkward? If Xsparkage does it, I can do it too, right?

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Disclaimer: The products reviewed in this post were purchased with my own money. If I were cool and successful enough to receive free products, I’d darn well be telling everyone. 


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