Review | Influenster Moda VoxBox

29 Oct

Hello, all! I recently signed up for Influenster on a whim, thinking hey, I like makeup and I like blogging and I love free stuff- let’s combine them all into a beautiful concoction.

I honestly didn’t think they’d ever send me anything, so I was rather enthused to discover the Moda VoxBox in my mailbox. So yes, I was provided these complimentary products for review, but that’s not going to influence my opinion of them. If I want to bash a product, I’m darn well gonna do it. And vice versa, I suppose.

But let’s get on with it, shall we? (I’ve included the attached retail prices for each item in parentheses.)

♦ Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara ($5.49-5.99)

It’s a good mascara! The brush is kinda extremely gimmicky, though. As I was applying this for the first time, I kept turning it around and around trying to find the best way to amp up my lashes. It’s mainly volumizing while still being a very natural-looking mascara. Removal was very easy as well. I’ll keep using it and let you know my thoughts if anything changes.

♦ Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick ($6.99-7.49)

I got the shade Red Alert and it is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t actually have a lot of red lipsticks, and this one is universally flattering, a very true red. The formula is really creamy and moisturizing (hence the name, I suppose).

♦ Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner ($5.99-6.49)

I’m not really one for lip liners, but this one is clear! Versatility! I used it under Red Alert and I didn’t experience any feathering in the short while I had it on, but then again I usually don’t. I’ll have to try it out over a longer period of time, but I really happy to receive something that will work under so many lipsticks.

♦ Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask ($14.99)

This is a full-size product, which is awesome, buttt I have short hair now. I’ll humor Influenster and try it out. It supposedly “helps provide rich mositure protection from everyday styling for smooth, manageable hair while adding softness, smoothness, and radiant shine.” I don’t use heat on my hair, so I can’t see this doing much for me…I might give it away to someone who’ll get more use out of it.

♦ Puffs SoftPack (1 for $1.99-2.49, 3 for $4.99-5.99)

Yay! Tissues! These were actually super nice to receive considering I’m perpetually sick. Thanks, immune system.

♦ Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa ($2.29)

I LOVE hot chocolate, so this was the first thing I tried from the box. Ya’ll know how to make cocoa. I would’ve liked some of those tiny marshmallows, but this was otherwise excellent 🙂

♦ Resource Spring Water ($1.49)

This guy made the box SO heavy. I don’t really know what to say about him…he’s a water. He also contains electrolytes “for a clean, refreshing taste.” Woop de doo…:D

♦ JERGENS Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer ($5.99/6.99)

I got the baby version of this, which is the perfect size for a purse or backpack. I am obsessed with lotion (is that weird?) and I must have soft hands at. all. times. This lotion isn’t too thick or scented, and so far I enjoy it.

Well! For a first-time Influenster experience, this was pretty great. I would compare this service to a subscription box that you don’t have to pay for; the only condition is an honest review.

Shoot me a comment if you enjoyed this review or if you have any suggestions for future tutorials, reviews, and tags; I’d love to hear them!


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