Sea Glass Inspired Makeup

19 Aug

Hello, all! A week or so ago I received a late late very very late birthday package from Julianna (it was worth it). She included bits of sea glass and shells collected for the beach, and as I am rather fond of anything colorful and shiny, I had to do makeup.

It’s not really a creative spark…more of a compulsion. Problems, problems.

Sea glass, or beach glass, is glass from broken bottles tossed about by the waves until the edges are smooth. It’s beautiful.

sea glass collage 2I wanted to add gloss, but as usual I wasn’t brave enough to do it before first taking pictures of the kinda boring original look. So there ya go, a simple green smokey eye with navy blue liner. sea glass collageWhen I started planning out this look, I knew I wanted something subtle. Sea glass is translucent (duh, it’s glass) and colorful in a soft way. The glass Julianna sent me was light green and deep, beer-bottle brown.

sea glass collage 5

And another with gloss. Tip for application: pat it on with your finger to avoid smearing the pigment on the lid around. And don’t use anything with menthol in it, because it will sting horribly. sea glass collage 3  Products used:

♦ Urban Decay Electric Palette: Fringe

♦ Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Palette in I Dream of Greenie (oh the puns): shimmery sea green

♦ Lorac Pro Palette: Cream, Taupe, Sable

♦ Lorac Pro Palette 2: Navy

♦ Buxom Mascara (sample from a free Sephora thingamabob)

♦ Carmex (for the lid gloss)

Shoot me a comment if you enjoyed this look or if you have any suggestions for future tutorials, reviews, and tags; I’d love to hear them!


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3 Responses to “Sea Glass Inspired Makeup”

  1. effiewright11 August 19, 2014 at 2:09 pm #

    This looks so pretty against your eye colour. I love where you take your inspiration from, it’s so creative! xx

    • Olivia August 19, 2014 at 10:38 pm #

      Thank you so much for that lovely comment, made my day 🙂 Finally, something that doesn’t make my eyes look black as the night -.-

      • effiewright11 August 21, 2014 at 12:13 pm #

        Aww I’m glad! You shouldn’t dislike black eyes though – I’m always really jealous of people with really dark eyes, as eyeshadow always looks amazing on them – like Cheryl Cole’s. Your eyes always look really bright too, because there’s so much contrast between the black and the whites of your eyes. They’re prettyyyy haha xx

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