REVIEW: Lorac Pro Palette 2

26 Jul

Hello, all! I decided to not be super late on the bandwagon and picked up the second Lorac Pro Palette (my review of the first Pro Palette here). lorac 2 collage 3

Packaging on this is the same no-nonsense sleek cardboard packaging as the first Pro Palette, but grey instead of black. Easier to tell them apart, I suppose, which is always nice.

Swatches were done with one finger swipe on bare skin. Check out those shimmery shades! I nearly had a heart attack when I swatched them.

Swatches with flash (click to enlarge):lorac 2 collage

Natural light (click to enlarge):lorac 2 collage 2

As you can see, the pigmentation of these shades is fantastic. The matte shades swatch a little streaky, but in application, they are almost too pigmented. You have to be careful to apply only a little at a time. I’ve worked with all of the darker shades, and with the exception of Black, they’re amazing quality.

Oh, and another thing. They blend like a freaking dream. I could blend these shadows all day.

As for the first row of mattes…Buff is a warm-toned matte cream color that works well as a highlight or to blend out darker matte shadows. Lt. Brown is a cool matte, well, light brown. Cool Gray is a beautiful matte taupey-gray. Nectar has been raved about in a ton of reviews, but it’s basically a matte dusty pink that is the most perfect blending color ever. Plum is a rich matte medium purple. Navy is a dark matte greyish blue. Charcoal is a dark matte grey. Black is not a very black black, but rather a light black. Light black. Yeah.

Second row is all shimmer, on par with the original palette. Snow is a bright white that could use a little more pigmentation. Still makes a good highlight though. Beige is a gorgeous shimmery cream color. Rose is the perfect rose-gold shimmer. Mocha is a shimmery golden brown that pairs extremely well with Rose. Chrome is basically the shimmery equivalent of Cool Gray. Silver is, erm, silver. Jade is a blackened green with gold sparks. Lastly, Cocoa is a rich warm dark brown.

In comparison to the original Lorac Pro Palette, I would say that it is a good companion, but it is lacking some shades (matte white, good matte black, matte dark brown) that are just necessary for a well-rounded neutrals palette. I feel that the appeal of this lies in the addition of interesting shades like Plum, Jade, and Navy to supplement the original palette. So, my verdict is, if you only want one of these palettes, go with the first one. *shields face from angry critics with pitchforks*

Here are a few looks I’ve done with the palette so far! These are all uncharacteristically neutral looks, but I haven’t really been feeling the dark, smokey colors lately. Boo hoo. You’ll see some in an upcoming collaboration, I promise!

I’ve never used gray eyeshadows before, so here’s a sooper simple look sans eyeliner. Try to stay awake 🙂

grey lorac collage

Snow, Chrome, Cool Gray, Charcoal, Buff

And here’s a warmer-toned one. Equally boring, but pretty, I think.

lorac 2 collage 5

Beige, Rose, Lt. Brown, Nectar, Buff

That’s about it for the Lorac Pro Palette 2! Shoot me a comment if you enjoyed this review or if you have any suggestions for future reviews and tutorials, I’d love to hear them!

What are your thoughts on this palette?



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4 Responses to “REVIEW: Lorac Pro Palette 2”

  1. みらい July 28, 2014 at 1:05 pm #

    I got this palette on when it was still online only 😀 The pigmentation and easiness of application overwhelmed me as it’s my first Lorac palette…I love how the left eight are daytime/work appropriate and the right 8 are sultry and partayyyyy suitable!

    • Olivia July 28, 2014 at 3:15 pm #

      Isn’t it amazing!!!?? I can’t get over it 😀


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