Vampy Plum Smokey Eyes w/ Anna

29 Jun

My gorgeous friend Anna came over last week to hang out and gawk at the amount of makeup I own (don’t lie, you did a bit of gawking), and she graciously allowed me to do her up all fancy-like.

Gosh I’m such a dork, why do people spend time with me? 😀Image

Has OCC’s Black Metal Dahlia EVER LOOKED SO GOOD ON A HUMAN BEFORE?! Because damn, it looks good on Anna. Of course, my camera still stubbornly refuses to capture its glittery majesty, but she has perfect lips (#145 on list of weird compliments) and it. just. works. so. well.

End rant.


Products used:

♦ Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

♦ Urban Decay Naked Palette: Half Baked

♦ Sugarpill Heartbreaker Palette: 2AM

♦ Physicians Formula Eye Booster

♦ Her mascara, I think it was a Maybelline one…?

And of course…

♦ OCC Lip Tar in Black Metal Dahlia

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One Response to “Vampy Plum Smokey Eyes w/ Anna”

  1. acasualbeauty June 29, 2014 at 9:23 am #

    Beautiful 🙂

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