TGIF: Tempting, tempting…

27 Jun

Oh, summer. Apparently makeup companies go crazy in the summer, because there are tons of new amazing products being launched right now and I am just O.O Lorac Pro 2 anyone?

This week…

♦ Cora from Vintageortacky reviewed the new Makeup Geek blushes. Oh Makeup Geek, stop releasing new products or I will be forced compelled to purchase some of them.

♦ Julia Graf shared her top 10 favorite MAC eyeshadows. For someone who is still on the fence about which of these to purchase in the future, this was rather helpful 🙂

♦ I finally got to try re-pressing an eyeshadow with rubbing alcohol when I bought a broken eyeshadow this week (not purposefully) and fixed it all up. See below.

repressed collage

Pretty nifty, eh? This shadow, Jane Cosmetics Callow Lily, originally had a rose design over it, so I’m a bit crushed (puns) I ruined it. The pigmentation and texture are still excellent after the re-pressing and overall I’m pleased as punch about the whole affair.

Whoa. Just got all elderly British gentlemen for a moment there. Moving on.

If you haven’t yet seen it, here’s my part of the Makeup Through the Ages blogger collab posted last Friday! So many talented artists participated in this collab; their looks are linked at the end of the post, so check it out!

If you have any suggestions for future posts you’d like to see, please leave ’em below!


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