Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

14 Jun

Out of all the movies I’ve seen so far this year, Edge of Tomorrow lands squarely between X-Men: Days of Future Past (brilliant) and Divergent (average). It’s excellent as a summer movie you don’t expect too much from, but it lacks that thing that makes it stick with you past the 2 hours you spend in the theater (or longer, if you enjoy reading the end credits or are searching for your missing cell phone under the seat).

edge of tomorrow poster

Shoutout to Simon, who helped me theater-hop without paying for the second movie…is that illegal?


The aliens-invading-Earth plot has been played out before, but in Edge of Tomorrow, they’ve almost wiped out the planet, forcing humankind to band together in a cohesive fighting force with bulky robotic armor designed the shoot fairly harmless bullets at the big scary aliens. So useful. The aliens, known as Mimics, do manage to be a bit frightening due to their octopus-like tentacles that lash out at anyone who fails to hop out of the way.

I loved the Groundhog Day-esque concept of repeating a day over and over, and this movie managed a fresh twist on that the didn’t get old. It’s interesting to see the heroes as completely immortal; as Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) and William Cage (Tom Cruise) attempt to fight their way through a suicide mission and kill the alien mother, they are able to “reset” whenever one of them dies. This can either be incredibly poignant or just downright hilarious 😀

Both Blunt and Cruise are extremely strong actors, and it was a pleasure to watch them stab and shoot their way through dozens of Mimics with minimal cheese and forced romantic chemistry. That’s what I like to see 🙂

The ending, however, left a bit to be desired. Without giving too much away (but still, spoiler alert), it wrapped everything up in a neat little package when it could’ve turned a bunch of people into martyrs. PSA to writers: sad endings are okay sometimes.

Overall it was a great movie that could’ve been better. What else is new? If you like action, aliens, or actors with off-center top teeth, you should see it!

Have you seen Edge of Tomorrow yet? Thoughts?




2 Responses to “Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow”

  1. CMrok93 June 19, 2014 at 12:41 am #

    Good review Olive. Though it has a gimmick, it works well with it and has as much fun as it can.

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