REVIEW: OCC Lip Tar: Matte in Rollergirl

4 Jun

I have found my reason for living, and she is purple. Rollergirl is the perfect primary purple lip color (spot the oxymoron in that sentence).


Application of this was very smooth but not completely opaque; it took 2 coats to get it as opaque as you see in the pictures, and it still doesn’t COMPLETELY blank out the natural color of my lips. It takes a while to dry down to a matte finish, so I can mess around with the application without worrying about it setting before it looks perrrfect.

Wear time on this (and every lip tar that I’ve tried) is FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC. I can get 6+ hours of this looking amazing before it starts to look even slightly less amazing. Proof below.



Sassy mussed up hair pic.DSC02603  And after 8 hours of wear, during which time I ate lunch and licked my lips in nervous anticipation of summer:

DSC02614DSC02610DSC02612 DSC02608

As you can see, Rollergirl does dry down a matte finish. Around the 4 hour mark it started to feel a little drying, and I did notice the telltale matte lipstick “ring” on the inner part of my lips. Oh well, it’s inevitable and doesn’t bother me too terribly much. If you are bothered by the natural color of your lips peeking through, OCC does sell a concealing color specifically for blanking out lips before application of lip tars. I personally can’t be bothered, but to each their own.

Bottom line: After 8 hours this gorgeous purple thing still looks acceptable, and that is amazing to me.

See a review of 2 other lip tars here!

Thoughts? My physics teacher liked it, so there’s a stamp of approval for ya 😀




One Response to “REVIEW: OCC Lip Tar: Matte in Rollergirl”

  1. jasmincharlotte June 4, 2014 at 9:13 am #

    I love this! Looks lovely on you. Not sure I could pull of purple though so may have to try one of the other colours 🙂 x

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