REVIEW: Urban Decay Electric Palette + 3 Makeup Looks

5 May

Ugh, another Electric palette review??

Oy, cut it out! Just look at that majesty!


I’m sure you’ve all heard the hullabaloo about how some of these shades are “not intended for the immediate eye area.” Basically, the pigments in the red/pink shades haven’t been approved by the FDA (but have been approved in other countries), so use caution if you have sensitive skin. I’ve used them all and haven’t been bothered.


Top row:

Revolt: an extremely glittery silver with a lot of fallout. Kind of a disappointment, but useful for layering over the matte shades as a topcoat.

Gonzo: a matte bright blue with a few sparkles. Very little fallout. Great shade!

Slowburn: a matte warm-toned red with a few sparkles. Applies and blends very smoothly.

Savage: a matte bright pink. Stained my lids a little.

Fringe: shimmery metallic teal blue. No fallout, very smooth application. Stained my lids A LOT after I removed it, and that was under primer and a base. Humph.


Bottom row:

Chaos: a unique blue-purple matte. Applies very patchily and with quite a bit of fallout, but the color is gorgeous. Not a great blending shade.

Jilted: a shimmery purpley-pink. Blends very well!

Urban: a shimmery cool-toned pink. Gorgeous application, very pigmented.

Freak: a light shimmery green. Reminds me of Evergreen from the Sleek Garden of Eden palette. Very smooth.

Thrash: a matte chartreuse (yellow-green) with a few sparkles. My FAVORITE shade in the palette! I want to be buried in this color.


Here’s the double-sided brush that came with the palette. I’ve used it a few times and it isn’t too gimmicky; the bigger side is stiff and useful for packing on color, and the smaller side would be great for turning these shadows into liners. It’s a nice inclusion and helps justify the price a lil.


Here are a few looks I’ve created with this palette. As you can see, I quite enjoyed Thrash 🙂

collage electric 2   (Thrash, Fringe, Chaos, Urban on lid; Fringe, Savage on lower lashline) collage electric 3 (Thrash, Slowburn, Gonz0 on lid; Thrash, Freak, Gonzo on lower lashline) And finally, a quick look I did for school.  Yes, school. I have 0 shame. Image   (Thrash, Freak, Fringe on lid and lower lashline with Urban as liner)

Long review short: I love this palette! I have the original Naked Palette and a few individual shadows from Urban Decay and I have to say I am so impressed with the texture and pigmentation of their shades, and the range of finishes.

It will need to be supplemented with other colors for highlighting/blending shades, but I’m glad they didn’t fill up the palette with boring colors instead of the amazing rainbow you see above. Obviously if you don’t wear colorful eyeshadows very often, this probably isn’t worth the $49, but I, the color fiend, would repurchase this in a heartbeat.

What do you think of the palette and the looks I created? As I’m writing this, tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls and I’m supposed to wear pink…since I don’t own any in my wardrobe, this palette will assist me 😀



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