REVIEW: Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eye Shadows (4)

13 Mar

I have 4 of these: Lumi, Decora, Royal Sugar, and Asylum.


These jars are so adorable.

Swatches over NYX Black Bean, Milk, and bare skin:


Lemme break it down.

Lumi is much more than it appears. It’s a frosty white highlight, but over a black base it shifts to an ethereal green color that was a bit difficult to catch on camera. It can be hard to control (hello disco ball face), but it’s worth the extra effort.

Decora was a color I wasn’t planning to buy, but it came in the set with Royal Sugar and Lumi and I figured why not?  It’s a sheer pink without a base, but the white and black bases bring out the green sparkles. I’m not much of a pink eyeshadow person, but I’m willing to give this one a go.

Royal Sugar is perfect. It’s a sparkly, more intense version of Sugarpill’s pressed eyeshadow Velocity, with a much better texture. It sticks to the brush very well and is best applied over a white base. It has a huge amount of fallout, but the best method I’ve found to remove it is a dry cotton round.

Asylum is a rich orange-based red. Bare skin, white base, black base, whatever you choose to apply it over, it will show up vibrantly and last forever. Definitely one of my favorites. Thanks, Elizabeth ♥

See Asylum in action here over Covergirl Red-Hot Flame Pencil:


And Royal Sugar and Lumi here over NYX Milk:


I love these pigments so much!! I’m eyeing Darling, Magpie, and Absinthe…as soon as my makeup ban ends, of course 😀

Anything catch your eye? And what am I to do with a pink eyeshadow??



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