Today I Was a Princess

9 Mar

I had a crown and everything 😀


I had my first choir concert last Thursday! We sung a variety of Disney songs, hence the crowns.

Boo boring neutral makeup.


It takes actual talent to look this dorky in a tiara. Everyone else was all regal and I’m like SPARKLY PLASTIC ON MY HEAD

That’s pretty much a stream-of-consciousness peek into my mind right there.

For my makeup I kept it pretty simple, just touching up what I’d worn earlier in the day to school. I did add Sugarpill’s Lumi as a highlight because it glows green and I needed to glow green, too, for some reason. I also bothered with blush/contour for the first time in forever (that phrase will never not make me think of Frozen) and it apparently worked, because I was greeted with my mother’s comment that “everyone looked washed out on stage except you.” That probably meant that I looked like a clown off stage, but you take what you can get.

Since this doesn’t really count as a post, I’ve added a few photos of stuff I’ve been wearing this week.


Yeah, I can’t stop wearing Sugarpill’s Royal Sugar as a liner. Add a mixing medium and it gives the most intense cobalt blue you’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered the same phrase in my last 2 LOTD posts. Oops. They haven’t gone up yet though so it’s ok 🙂


Another Naked palette look. I seem incapable of creating any remotely interesting with this palette, but I like my neutral looks…on occasion.


Lately I’ve been feeling like my blog is steering too much toward makeup. Not that there is ever such a thing as too much makeup, but I want to blogging to be more like a conversation involving pictures and the occasional emoticon. So you might have to put up with a few updates from my life, because sadly my life does not consist solely of sitting around playing with makeup.

Is there a job like that? Because sign me up.

By the time you read this, I will have taken the SAT for the first (and hopefully the last) time. Yippee. -.- I also passed my Taekwondo test and am now a green belt. Snaps for progress 🙂

My life seems to revolve around taking tests. I’m starting to get the picture that they don’t stop when you leave school. Good thing I’m well-trained at jumping through hoops.


Not to get all mopey on ya, I’m actually one of those strange eggs that likes takes exams. Admit it, they’re better than actually learning things, am I right?

Ok, it’s probably just me.

If you want to know which products I used or just tell me about your day, let me know in the box below!



2 Responses to “Today I Was a Princess”

  1. Amria March 10, 2014 at 7:56 am #

    I love that blue from Sugarpill and it looks lovely on you. Keep wearing the tiara, it’s so cute 😀

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