Welcome, new followers!

7 Feb

Hey ya’ll, I’ve noticed a spurt (spurt? Spurt sounds vaguely nasty…apologies) of new followers and I’d like to formally welcome you to the blog. As you can probably tell, I post mainly makeup/makeup reviews/makeup hauls because my life is not remotely interesting, but occasionally I’ll throw in a tidbit of daily life and movie and book reviews (check out the ol’ About page for the full scoop). Basically,


I’m always open to suggestions (I check WordPress 154692399 times a day, more on weekends), so if you’ve got a reply to a post or suggestion for a future post, please drop me a line in the box below. I try to respond to every comment, unless it’s rude…then you just get a thumbs-down, which is what I give other drivers when they don’t use their turn signal.


It’s more effective than flipping them off, I swear.


Yeah, I have a lot of Supernatural gifs, which I use with reckless abandon. I hope you like attractive men and demons. Otherwise I’m not sure we can be bros.

I’m kidding, I swear. We’re all mad here.

Welp, gotta get back to the old grind- calculus. Tell me life after high school is sunshine and rainbows, because I am not really feeling the love with this class.


P.S. Guess whose birthday is next Thursday! (Spoiler: It’s me.) I’m turning that age between getting a driver’s license and being an adult who does her own taxes. It’s a really unexciting age, besides the minute perk of being able to purchase R rated movie tickets. Thanks for the crumb.



2 Responses to “Welcome, new followers!”

  1. kelsi August 27, 2014 at 6:41 am #

    Taurus and Capricorn would be pretty nice…

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