15 Nov

So I’m unloading the dishes in an uncharacteristically charitable mood when I notice a note stuck to the inside of our plates cabinet. Curious, I lean in (myopia problems) and discover that it is in fact a graphic, probably cut from a middle-aged woman magazine, for correct table settings at a fancy dinner. Forks on the left, spoon on the right, knife turned in, etc. And it hits me.

My mom saw that diagram, honing in on it like a hawk zeroing in on its vibrantly-colored prey, She hunted down a pair of scissors, a near impossibility in our disorganized hovel. She neatly cut around the edges of the square graphic, which for a woman of some impatience (and left-handedness) is no mean feat. And she taped in the the inside of the cabinet in hopes that its valuable information would diffuse into our dinner routines.

Does she hope for something more than what she has? Does she wish that her little herd didn’t always have sports or theater or Science Explorers (that one’s not me, I swear) so they could sit down and have a proper meal, complete with proper table settings?

sherlock emotion

I pondered the meaning of that one for a while.

Probably more of a while than that table setting graphic deserved.

Curse you, feelings.



2 Responses to “Dissatisfaction?”

  1. Andra Watkins November 15, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    Wishful order. It is something you will come to understand. It isn’t a wish for how life *should* be. Often, it is a reminder to soak up what we have.

    • Olivia November 16, 2013 at 10:37 am #

      Thanks for the peace of mind. I hope so!

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