Tonight’s Fortune Cookie Totally Fits

17 Oct

“Impossible standards just make life difficult.”

Lucky numbers 6 17 23 28 44 49.

Impossible standards and I are like bread and butter.

Peas and carrots.

Sam and Dean Winchester.

You get the idea.

In people. In my abilities (it’s PSAT testing week, friends). In teachers and friends and my appearance and life in general.

Thanks, fortune cookie.

You get me.

In other news, my popsicle stick instructed me to “Make someone laugh.”

So I found this meme a while ago, with a comedian that said:

“I love the expression “A number of…” because it doesn’t mean anything. A number of Victoria’s Secret models have expressed interest in sleeping with me. That number is zero.”

Never fails to make me giggle immaturely.

Today’s jam:



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