Candy Cell & My Terminator Arm (That’s a Non Sequitur)

13 Oct

Look what I did with my Saturday afternoon!


Yes, my friends, that is candy.


I ate a fair bit of it, too.


Like, most of it.


My AP Biology teacher had better have a sense of humor.

And a sweet tooth.

I also Terminator’ed my brother’s arm:


The “blood” looks funny because I used face paint, so it’s not as translucent as “real” fake blood. When I do the makeup for Halloween, I’ll mix up a proper batch. It was my first time working with liquid latex and I had a blast. He was pretty happy about it, too 🙂

Welp, that’s what I’ve been up to, how ’bout you? I’m really enjoying looking at everyone’s Halloween makeup looks, I hope I can contribute some in the near future!

If my AP Lit teacher would learn to take a chill pill on the essays.

School, am I right?

Song of the day:

I love how it starts all slow and then it’s like NOPE LOUDNESS…

Kind of like me 😀



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