Challenges and Green Eyes

7 Oct

When you’re neck-deep in sweat and frustration, trying to jump up and twist your body 540 degrees in the air and land on your toes AND do it without sounding like a thundering herd of elephants.

When your left leg is an earthquake of pain, stretched out in front of you as you struggle to keep your balance, fists up, back trembling.

When you’re finally able to touch your nose to your toes in the butterfly stretch.

You, the uncoordinated, unflexible, hopeless unteachable.

(I mean, me. I’m sure you can do the splits and count backwards in Korean. Seriously. You should teach me how.)

In other news, 12 episodes down, 11 to go.

“You’re Winchesters. As long as we’re alive, there’s hope we’re hopelessly attractive.”

Song of the day:


P.S. Apologies for so much taekwondo-related postation. I shall attempt to write about other things.


P.P.S. I want a golem.


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