Maybelline Baby Lips “Cherry Me” Review

1 Oct

These things have HYPE, so I decided to check them out. I spend a while deliberating, but I finally decided on a shade that looked somewhat colorful: Cherry Me.

The first thing I noticed (apart from the adorableness) was the smell. It smells like CHERRIES. Oh my gosh. I’m a sucker for lip products that smell good. I’m assuming the smell varies by color.

There isn’t much pigmentation to it, just a light wash of color. It’s billed as a lip balm, so I wasn’t too disappointed by this. I’ve heard some of them are completely sheer, so I’m glad I got one with a tint of pink.


Overall, there isn’t anything super spectacular about this lip balm, but it’s on par with EOS, Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, etc. and I’ll probably repurchase when I run out. It’s moisturizing and it has a subtle smell and color that I like for everyday wear. 3.5/5 🙂




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