What Did the Fish Say When He Ran Into a Concrete Wall?

25 Sep



Planets has over 90 anagrams

And I just found them all

My life=no life

It’s Tuesday, the best day of the week in terms of music

I organize my music by days of the week

I need to buy shampoo

S’more earrings

S’more=some more

Taking my taekwondo test on Saturday, so I won’t be at soccer



Good god people I know follow this blog

My face has a scar on it

A makeup scar

I need to do creepy clown makeup

I have way too much glitter

It’s getting colder

I failed my math test

I have too much makeup

I need to feed my pig

I should go to bed

But the internet is so interesting

Supernatural’s Appointment in Samarra is so sad but kinda awesome

I got my good headphones back

Dollar store headphones=stupid

Why is my ankle so itchy?

Because it has a large piece of wood sticking out of it

Name that movie and win the contents of my bank account

Otherwise known as nothing

Cheddar rockets are way better than goldfish

Sometimes I go to the pet store and stare at the fish swimming around and around in their little glass tanks and I laugh at them but then I remember that I’m a student and it’s pretty much the same thing except some of the fish are more attractive than others and they grade you based on how well you sit still and pay attention which I don’t think fish have ever been subject to do


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