100 Things That Make Me Happy

24 Sep

I got this idea from Owlwaysnikita’s post (she’s a great writer, go check her owwwttt) and I kind of fell in love. So here goes…100 things that make my life worth living.

1. My sister. Sorry, but I had to. She’s so beautiful and when I think of what makes me happy, she pops into my head like bubblegum.

2. My friends. They’re all lumped together, because I can’t possibly put them in order. They’ve been there for the crap times and the good times and all the times in the middle of the crap and the good.

3. Movies. Just in general. I’m a complete movie geek, see here. They’ve definitely raised my expectations of life to a dangerous degree, but I can recite every line from Sherlock Holmes and Airplane in order, so that’s gotta count for something.


5. When people make references and I get them and I either recite the next line or just look at them like “ayeeee I gotcha.”

6. Supernatural. See here. I just rewatched the Season 5 finale and it made me tremendously happy to have a younger sibling to watch over and keep safe and nag to do her homework before she gets to watch Supernatural with me.

7. Every other favorite TV show of mine ever. See here!

8. Being a geek. It’s a great thing.

9. Jewelry. Anything that sparkles/glitters/shines is alright in my book. I have so much, it’s literally hanging off the hinges of my door. That’s the first sign of an addiction, folks.

10. Reading. Books were my first international trip, my first under-the-covers experience (don’t laugh) (I said don’t laugh), my first best friend (I was a lonely child). I’ll admit I’ve become somewhat disillusioned with them after having been forced to read As I Lay Dying for English last year (despite having written a fantastic paper on the topic of the hero’s journey), but you always remember your first love.

11. Cartoons. Cyberchase, anyone? Clifford the Big Red Dog? Teletubbies? Dragon Tales? God I’m old.

Emmy wished on a dragon scale, and that’s what started dragon tales.

12. English. When it’s not trying to squeeze blood from a stone (The Red Wheelbarrow is just about a wheelbarrow, guys), it’s the best subject ever.

13. No homework. Self-explanatory.

14. My computer. We have a symbiotic relationship. It hates my mother and loves me.

15. Being young. I’m savoring the next year.

16. Having a car.

17. New notebooks.

18. .5 lead mechanical pencils. I have

19. Obsessively neat handwriting. The teachers love it.

20. The dissection unit in biology. I was the only one willing to touch the rat (Maddie did a nice job of eviscerating its poor leg) and it was rather fascinating. I’m just creepy like that 🙂

21. Staying up late. Total night owl.

22. Sleeping in late. More of the same.

23. Taekwondo.

24. Feeling powerful. See above.

25. Feeling tall. Heels bother me, but I want to be as tall as I feel.

26. Understanding my math homework. A rare pleasure.

27. Lip balm.

28. Clipping my nails. Really, though, they get all overgrown and you start feeling like this guy.

29. A good ending. To a movie, show, life, whatever floats your boat.

30. Making lists. Except shopping lists.

31. Counting to ten in Chinese.

32. Sharpies.

33. Drawing.

34. Doodling. It differs from drawing in that it doesn’t have to look nice.

35. Music. Oh my gosh, what to say about music.

36. New glasses.

37. My pig collection. My friend Helen has contributed hugely to this. It resides on a shelf above my desk. Why pigs? Your guess is as good as mine.

38. Shopping. Best thing in the world besides, ya know, everything else on this list.

39. Getting home after a long plane ride. Nothing better, except the water is yellow and the house is freezing.

40. When my mother and I get along.

41. Feeling trusted/listened to/respected.

42. Feeling perty.

43. When the mane cooperates.

44. Animals. I like bats, horses, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, normal pigs, dolphins, elephants…

45. But seriously, bats. Who knew?

46. Big words. 

47. When I can actually find a pair of scissors.

48. Ditto with the stapler.

49. Face paint, especially on super-cherubic-cheeked children.

50. Children, sometimes. The ones on my soccer team make me laugh frequently, especially when they can’t pronounce their “r’s.”

51. Organization. Hate to do it, but love the result.

52. Jeans that actually fit. Specifically in the length arena, we can’t all be supermodels now can we?

53. Gift cards. Best gift there is.

54. Webcomics that don’t suck. Cyanide and Happiness, anyone?

55. Youtube.

56. When Bef accidentally sends me porn. NOT. Seriously, get those links straight.

57. When my alarm is set to “Bad to the Bone” and the volume is super loud and I basically wet myself before I can figure out where the sound is coming from. Again, NOT.

58. WordPress. I love blogging. So so much.


60. Movie adaptations of books that don’t suck.

61. When my mother gets a new smartphone and can’t figure out how to turn off autocorrect.

62. Old people.

63. Babies with way too much hair.

64. Powerpoints with way too many transitions and animations.

65. Colorful things.

66. Mushrooms.

67. Food in general. Sushi. Tea. Honey. Apples. Brownies. The non-pot kind.

68. Tackiness.

69. Heheh. Um…my fluffy pillows.

70. Converse. Mine are teal, and very rad.

71. The word “rad.”

72. The number 13. That’s the day I was born, and that’s the day Ima die on, ya’ll.

73. Birthdays!

74. The best holiday ever, Halloween. Also Bef’s birthday. They coincide.

75. Old friends.

76. Fast typists.

77. Lotion.

78. Surprisingly clean bathrooms at sketchy places. Bonus points for calming background music.

79. Malapropisms.

80. JOKES. Even the bad ones are good.

81. Giving and receiving compliments.

You look bloody fantastic today, ya’ll.

82. Wearing pajamas ALL. DAY.

83. Taking a shower in the winter. Or ya know, anytime’s good.

84. Sledding.

85. Cereal with a prize inside.

86. Taking personality-type quizzes, here and here.

87. Loving who I am. It doesn’t happen that frequently, but sometimes the stars align and I realize I’m kinda awesome.

88. Socks with funny prints. I have dead hedgehog socks, guys, and they’re cute.

89. Youtube comments that aren’t rude. Again, when the stars align…

90. Celebrities that are AWESOME in real life. Not that I would know, but interviews speak for themselves.

91. Hem hem, Tom Hiddleston.

92. Home stretch! This is difficult, guys. I keep thinking of stupid little stuff and big important stuff and they clash. CHEWING WITH MY MOUTH OPEN. Sorry, world.

93. Shoes.

94. Throwing a football with a perfect spiral. I can do it only because my father wanted me to be a boy.

95. Soccer.

96. Girls that aren’t catty.

97. Feeling smart.

98. Feeling loved.

99. Musicals.

100. Snorting when I laugh.

There you go, there’s my list, NOW GO MAKE YOUR OWN. Sorry, that was forceful. Please give it a try, it was fun and difficult and kind of wonderful 🙂

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