Lorac Pro Palette Review

18 Sep

I bought this palette about a month ago and have been using it nearly every day since. It’s amazingly versatile and virtually faultless 🙂

(Picture from the Lorac site.)

The colors in this palette may have boring names (White? Gold? Seriously?!), but the packaging is functional, light, and doesn’t waste space with fancy decorations, which I appreciate for all of the traveling I’ll be doing with this palette. I LOVE how the shadows are arranged with the matte shades in the first row and the shimmery shades in the second, more or less light to dark. I don’t have to go hunting for the matte or shimmer shades, and that saves me time.

White: Pretty much your standard matte white. Great pigmentation, smooth, soft, the whole deal. I use this as an inner corner highlight when I have a lot of shimmer goin’ on on the lid.

Cream: Matte, slightly darker than white. perfect natural browbone highlight for fair skin, or to blend the edges of eyeshadow.

Taupe: Light-to-medium matte brown. I love to mix this with Sable to contour my crease.

LT. Pink: I haven’t used this a lot just because I don’t have much use for a matte light pink, but it’s a great blending color if your skin is more pink-toned than yellow-toned.

Mauve: Again, a great blending color for slightly darker skin. Can be mixed with Taupe to create a warmer natural crease contour.

Sable: Medium matte brown. Great pigmentation, as with all of the matte colors.

Espresso: Dark matte brown. I use this to blend out the edges of black smokey eyes.

Black: Ah, the creativity of whomever named these shadows. Pigmented, smooth, creamy matte black. I have to be careful to only use the smallest amount of this on my brush, otherwise I turn into a raccoon.

Nude: Shimmery cream shadow. One of my favorite shades in the palette for highlighting the inner corner or the center of the lid. The pigmentation of this is amazing, but then again they all are.

Champagne: Similar to Nude with larger silver glitter particles. Not my favorite because of the glitter, but can be used in place of Nude for highlighting. Out of all the shades, this has the poorest pigmentation, but it isn’t awful by any means.

Gold: Amazing shimmery true gold. I haven’t used this a lot but it’s great as an all-over lid color.

LT. Bronze: One of the favorite lid shades. Darker and more orangey-brown than Gold.

Pewter: My favorite shade in the palette. Perfect, pigmented shimmery taupe-brown-pink lid color.

Garnet: Great pigmentation, unusual color. Orangey-brown that I can’t wait to use in a Halloween-inspired look.

Deep Purple: This shade disappointed me 😦 It looks purple in the pan but almost black when I apply it to my lid. It’s still a great verrrryyy dark purple, but don’t expect it to be as bright as it looks in the pan unless you apply a bright purple base underneath it.

Slate: Gorgeous blueish grey shadow. This one has a tendency to overblend, but I still love the unusual color. I used it to create this look.

Overall, these soft and pigmented shadows really impressed me. I’ve never really been one for neutral looks, but I’ve been trying more and more with this palette on hand. It’s a professional-looking palette arranged by color and finish; the price reflects the quality of the palette. However, for 16 shadows at $42 ($3 per shadow), this is definitely a bargain!

You can buy this palette here or on Amazon. It comes with a miniature Lorac Behind-the-Scenes Eye Primer, which works well enough 🙂

What do you think of this palette?



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