Mini-Reviews: What I’ve Been Watching/Reading/Listening To

15 Sep

I have been media-ing A LOT lately…aka watching movies, reading and rereading, and discovering new music like crazy. Instead of writing a separate review on every single thing, I figured I’d do one mega-post to cover all the basics.


The Host: I watched this on the plane from Minnesota to Paris on the way to Prague (pictures and daily posts here). I’d read the book about a year ago and I was unimpressed (it was basically Twilight, but with mind-controlling alien worms), but I really enjoyed the movie. It was childish but original, and I loved how characters that appeared ordinary at the beginning of the story turned out to be my favorites. If that makes any sense.

Life of Pi: Another Paris plane movie (hey, they were free!). I also read this book was I was much younger and found it boring beyond belief. The movie was amazingly spectacularly beautiful to watch. The story made me sad and joyful at the same time 🙂 A bit unbelievable at times, and also incredibly sad, but powerful stuff.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape: Confusion. I watched it for the title, and left feeling vaguely like I needed to take a shower (I think it was his hair). I’m sure there’s a bunch of deep meaning and symbolism and whatnot in the movie, but it was horribly long and sad and just…why.

Star Trek: Into Darkness: Meh. I never ended up seeing this in theaters, so I jumped on the opportunity to watch it in the comfort of my germy, probably lice-infested airplane seat. I loved Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch was fairly fabulous as Khan/badass villain, and Kirk…erm, he was decidedly meh.

Pulp Fiction: Hmm. I’m still working out how I feel about this one. Obviously I watched it because the internet is obsessed with it, which is generally a good indicator of how quotable or GIF-able a movie will be. It was funny, it was gritty, it was just flat-out strange. I think I liked it.

Cast Away: This just made me want to give my loved ones a hug. And buy a volleyball. And find out what was in the dang package, although apparently in one of the original drafts it was…salsa. Talk about anti-climactic. I watched this with my family and we spent the majority of the movie yelling at the idiot trying to crack open a coconut and using a dress as a wind sock.


Ready Player One: One of the best books I have ever read. Every time I read it, I understand more of the numerous 80s pop-culture references, which makes me happy to be a geek. The whole book is a celebration of geekiness, and it is seriously the best thing ever. Read it, you will not regret it.

Forever Odd, Brother Odd: Sequels to Odd Thomas (my review here). My favorite so far has been Brother Odd, because the story takes place in a convent and it makes little to no sense. The books are so well-written that I could reread them forever. Go buy. 

The Importance of Being Earnest: Admittedly, this was a school assignment! But…I enjoyed it despite myself. It was funny! A historical piece of literature, funny?!? It’s hard to believe.


I’m discovering 70s/80s rock (thanks, Supernatural). It’s a little weird and a lot of awesome. Going back to my “old music” feels slow and boring and epic-guitar-solo-less 😦

So that’s been my life for the past few weeks. That is to say, I have no life. Let me know if you’d like an in-depth review of anything I mentioned above! 😀



5 Responses to “Mini-Reviews: What I’ve Been Watching/Reading/Listening To”

  1. hannie10h September 15, 2013 at 9:34 pm #

    Moulini Rouge
    grab a friend and watch it.

    • Olivia September 16, 2013 at 6:10 am #

      Hehe ok
      That’s my friend’s mother’s favorite movie
      Shouldn’t that mean it’s bad?

  2. anxiousandawesome September 15, 2013 at 9:09 am #

    I love reading your reviews!
    I’m so surprised you didn’t like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape…that’s been one of my favourite movies (and books) since I was like, 15.
    I’ve actually never watched Cast Away – can you believe it? I think I’m going to add that to my list of must-watch movies now.

    • Olivia September 15, 2013 at 9:11 am #

      Thank you, I love writing them 🙂 I was surprised too since I’ve read great reviews on it..I think it was just too slow paced for me. Maybe I’ll try watching it again?

      • anxiousandawesome September 15, 2013 at 9:38 am #

        I think it’s probably just not for everyone. It is pretty dark, and it doesn’t really have a happy ending. I loved it, but it definitely isn’t something to watch if you’re looking for a feel-good movie haha!

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