So I Decided to Coach Soccer

5 Sep

In a fit of brainlessness, I decided to coach my little brother’s soccer team.

Brain: What were you thinking, Olivia?

Me: College apps, Brain. Volunteer hours. Besides, children aren’t that bad…

Brain: You can’t stand children, Olivia.

Me: I have too many siblings, Brain. They ruin my impression of children as sweet lil cherubs. But, beside the point.

I arrived at the field a few minutes early, determined to make a good first impression on the team and on the 2 other coaches. I’m naturally shy and I’m not good with kids; armed with this self-knowledge, I tried my very best to fake it til I made it. I passed out game schedules to the parents who probably thought I was my little brother’s mother, I smiled A LOT, I introduced myself with a firm handshake as “Coach Olivia,” and I scrambled around trying to memorize every seemingly-identical kid’s name.

I think I did ok. They listened, they had fun, and I was in for a surprise. had fun. Yes, me. The cynical, awkward-around-children Olivia.

Wonders never cease.


2 Responses to “So I Decided to Coach Soccer”

  1. Emmy September 7, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    Grats olive :3

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