The Daily Epiphany

31 Aug

Today, my best friend Elizabeth and her long-suffering brother took me out on their boat in Lake City. It was the perfect day; not too sunny, but sunny enough to prompt Bef to obsessively apply SPF 9000 sunscreen in order to halt the otherwise inevitable color change from printer paper white to a healthy beige.

We went tubing for a while, but when that failed to induce the fear of death within us, we went knee-boarding (much more fun than waterboarding). My upper-body strength is basically nonexistent, so it proved a challenging but amazingly fun activity 🙂 Afterward, we stopped at Dairy Queen and ordered Blizzards, lest the physical activity rob our bodies of any completely necessary calories. I was invited to attend an informal dinner of Chinese food at Bef’s other brother’s apartment, and I gladly accepted.

Bef has a large family (at least compared to mine), and it has grown with the addition of her brother’s fiance and their adorable baby boy. Sitting cross-legged at the table listening to them talk animatedly about Syria and Breaking Bad while Lilo and Stitch played softly in the background made me realize how much I want that. I want a big brother to geek out with. I want an older sister to teach me how to dance. I want a family that talks politics and complains about their day at the office. But most of all, I want to be the innocent, the one who’ll learn what they know some day, the one who didn’t have to grow up so fast to keep the whole world from going to pieces.

Elizabeth, you have the most amazing family. I was so grateful to be a part of it, at least for a short while 🙂


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