My Trip to Prague: Day 6

29 Aug

We spent our extra day in Prague hiking to Konopiště, the hunting “lodge” (read: castle) of Franz Ferdinand (before his assassination, of course). The name literally means “Hemp Castle,” and they lived up to it by selling medical cannabis seeds at the entrance. The tour was in Czech, but my mother offered up 50 crowns for an audio guide, which was muy aburrido but informative. The most interesting parts of the castle were undoubtedly the weapons room (I like weapons) and the armory, which housed armor for horses as well as little kids. Apparently one tour member looked at the armor for the horse’s posterior and commented that the Czechs must have very large heads to fit in those helmets. Of course this was relayed to me in Czech, so my mother could’ve been screwing with me.


Yet another half-naked woman statue.



DSCN2749   DSCN2761 DSCN2764

The walls were lined with many multitudes of hunting trophies and even a few elephant tails, which was creepy. We visited the birds of prey and a large once-wild boar named Ružena. The guidebook boasted an enclosure of live bears, but they didn’t feel like visiting the tourists, logic that I can fully understand.


No bears 😦

We’re getting to be pros at the metro and various trains, so the journey back was uneventful. We went out to dinner to celebrate our last day and I had a virgin strawberry daiquiri, which was incredibly tasty. I’m glad to be heading back tomorrow, I’m going tubing on Friday and must be well-rested (ha. ha. hahahaha).

Czech words/phrases learned today:

kolej: track

nádraží: railway station

nekrmte medvědy: don’t feed the bears

Aloha friends, I shall see you all tomorrow! I’ve scheduled a few posts in advance while I’m traveling, makeup-related in case you’re getting tired of my travel reports. I should have updated posts with pictures up sometime during the weekend, if I decide to get my act together (which rarely happens).



3 Responses to “My Trip to Prague: Day 6”

  1. girlywithdacurl August 29, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    I’m so happy you had a great time!! I’m so soooo jealous.

    • Olivia August 30, 2013 at 9:01 am #

      I did! Hehe thanks 🙂


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