My Trip to Prague: Day 5

28 Aug

Today was a bit more somber. We visited the city of Terezín, which housed a prison that was converted to a concentration camp in the late 1930s. We were taken on a tour of the prison (mercifully in English this time, otherwise I may have spent the majority of the tour bashing my head against the concrete walls), which included the small cells that housed up to 90 people at a time, the underground tunnels that stretched 30 km through the prison, and the cell that held Gavrilo Princip, the man whose actions were the catalyst for the first World War (if you’re interested, Unencyclopedia has an entertaining article about it…). We read about the prisoners that had been kept there for labor purposes or sent to extermination camps outside the country. It was sobering, but my mother stressed the importance of understanding this bit of our cultural history. It was heartening to hear stories of bravery among the Czech people even under the constant threat of persecution.

Outside the gates..."Work Will Set You Free"

Outside the gates…”Work Will Set You Free”


During the tour, which consisted mainly of Americans (the rude kind), this large man with an equally hefty video camera insisted upon getting all up in the guide’s business to film every little thing. He was reprimanded several times to either “take the pictures or listen to his tour,” but he kept on. Eventually he shoved my little brother trying to get a good angle and my mother and I gave him what-for, a practice that she is well-known for among incompetent cashiers in the states. The tour guide just nodded along, smiling a bit.

We were all fired up to go to a fancy lunch recommended in our guide book, but the place was closed, so we dejectedly wandered over to a quote unquote restaurant where everything on the menu was saturated in a thick layer of grease. I ordered mushrooms. Fried mushrooms. There is no logic in this place. Of all the yumminess in this country, this was the one below-average meal. Ah well, life happens.

After the train ride back to Prague, we headed up the hotel lounge for horderves…hors duerves…HORS D’OEUVRES! So unnecessarily difficult, this French stuff. Either way, they were delicious. Sometimes I feel like all we do is eat 🙂

We were originally scheduled to leave Prague tomorrow morning after my mother’s important doctor talk, but apparently our flight’s been canceled, so I’m staying another day! We’re planning to visit Franz Ferdinand’s hunting castle. The only aspects of this that I find remotely entertaining are the live bears and his extensive collection of weapons. I’ve loved this trip so far but I am incredibly anxious to be home where I can read street signs and menus again.

Czech words/phrases learned today:

dopravní: traffic (I saw this a lot on transportation vehicles and street signs)

mobilní: mobile

východ: gate

sever: north

jih: south

Ta-ta for now friends!



3 Responses to “My Trip to Prague: Day 5”

  1. Andra Watkins August 28, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    It sounds like you’re having a perfect trip, Olive. Usually, the things I remember most are the ones that gave me something I didn’t expect. I may not’ve enjoyed the experience, but it bent my mind in a different direction and made me grow.

    • Olivia August 30, 2013 at 9:02 am #

      I definitely felt that way for most of the trip, it was unexpected and since we went off the beaten path for a few days, we got a better glimpse of what “the other side” of the Czech Republic is like. It wasn’t the most glamorous trip, but I learned a lot.


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