My Trip to Prague: Day 4

27 Aug

Today was also rainy, but we were prepared and thus properly outfitted against the gentle dripping of rain against our hooded heads. After a lovely breakfast in the hotel’s executive lounge (having a doctor mother has its advantages, despite the constant slew of medical terminology to describe our various ailments), we took the train to the town of Karlstejn (carl-stane) with the intent of exploring the castle of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor. Ah, to be back in tourist town.

DSCN2713 DSCN2710 DSCN2707 DSCN2704 DSCN2699

Small shops lined the streets, matched in number and gaudiness only by the tourists encircling them like swarms of Korun-waving locusts. We did succumb to them on the way down the mountain, purchasing a few small gifts for the wonderful people in our lives (cue “awww”). We continued our ascent up to the castle, breathing heavily and inhaling the sweet smells of restaurants and food stalls that boasted an entire meal for the equivalent of 2 dollars. Tempting, but we were not swayed until after our visit, where I ordered a cappuccino, duck, sauerkraut, and dumplings in true Czech style.

DSCN2716After a considerable hike, we reached the top, payed for tickets, and headed doggedly into the castle’s outer walls, led by our short and slightly adorable tour guide. Unfortunately the tour was entirely in Czech, so while my mother listened attentively, my siblings and I were left to nod and smile and act like we knew what the heck he was talking about.

A typical 30-second clip:

Guide: *smooths back hair authoritatively* “A tady máme velkou síň, kde rytíři jídlu a zpívat hloupé písničky z Monty Python!”

Group: *laughs uproariously*

Mother: *winks conspiratorially at English-speaking progeny*

Me: “Heh. Heh. I totally got that one.”

Brother: *picks nose*

The castle itself was interesting, full of useless rooms where women were not allowed (history was very misogynistic, wasn’t it?), drafty old storage chambers, hugegantic staircases, and a gorgeous gilded chapel with reliquaries from saints (read: clavicles and bloody molars. Sacred stuff). Pretending to be interested in the scripted tour gave me an exciting opportunity to actually be interested in the surroundings when I would otherwise have bothered listening (not that I didn’t try, but understanding every 500th word doesn’t help with comprehension, especially when that word is “please”). I was pretty proud of actually having understood the topic of the conversation on occasion (example: toilets), but I did not inherit the magical ability to understand the musical language.

The trip down the mountain was much easier on the knees, and I picked up a cheap dagger to satisfy my weird fascination with weapons. We returned to the mall’s pastry shop for open-faced sandwiches (old habits die hard) and bopped back to the room, where we were greeted with delicious pillow chocolates 🙂

Czech words/phrases learned today:

škola: school

z: from

anglický: english (adj.)

nástupiště: platform (like a train station’s)

Adios amigas, I shall be back in the states on Wednesday!



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