My Trip to Prague: Day 3

26 Aug

Today was rainy, which made traveling anywhere on foot rather miserable. I feel like I’ve been on the metro and various trains all day; I’m starting to appreciate the ease and convenience of having a car!

We decided to venture bravely forth into Pilsen/Plzen, my mother’s hometown. We were asked by the lady at the information desk why we wanted to visit, and as soon as we did, I understood why. Far from the glamour and Americanization of Prague, Pilsen was an old town on the edge of a vast demarcation between the thriving tourist attractions and the unfortunate, forgotten outskirts. After a bit of aimless wandering through streets my mother barely recognized, renamed and rebuilt after the Soviet era, we left well enough alone and headed back to treat ourselves to dinner.

My goofball sister and I

My goofball sister and I

Train station in Pilsen

Train station in Pilsen

We forgot to photograph our dinner until halfway through it...

We forgot to photograph our dinner until halfway through it…

We went to a small but interesting restaurant recommended to my mother by the hotel concierge, who said it was a “favorite of the locals.” It was decorated to look like a medieval castle. We ordered a large sampler platter of various meats, dumplings, and sauerkraut. Coming from a family of picky eaters, it was heartening to see them dig into “exotic” foods like lard (pig fat; tastes like butter, spread on bread), duck, and horseradish sauce. We ordered an apple strudel to share for dessert, where I had a run-in with my arch-nemesis, walnuts. Luckily the allergic reaction contained itself to an unpleasant itching sensation in the back of my throat lasting a mere 20 minutes, all of which time my family spent huddled over me like a concerned flock of geese. It was a very good dessert… 😀

Czech words/phrases learned today (lots of metro-related words):

jízdenka: ticket

pardon: sorry

výstup: exit

vstup: entrance (this gets confused with exit frequently)

jedno/jednou: one/once

promiňte: excuse me

příští zastávka: next stop

a: and

ano: yes. This can be shortened to just “no,” how much more confusing can it possibly get?!

ne: no

dobrý: good

I’m sure I’ve got more rattling around in here somewhere, it does get hard to keep track of 🙂

Tomorrow we’re planning to hop back on the tourist loop and visit some old castles. More crown jewels, methinks.

Na shledanou!



3 Responses to “My Trip to Prague: Day 3”

  1. Andra Watkins August 26, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

    You are adventurous. I wish your mom had recognized something. It is always hard to try to go back and find a thread, even when we want it. Sort of like this trip: would it feel the same if you repeat it someday?

    • Olivia August 27, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

      I wish, I was curious and naive, otherwise I might’ve skipped it entirely.


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