My Trip to Prague: Day 2

25 Aug

My jet-lagged siblings woke me up at 3 am, so when rise-and-shine reared its ugly head at 9, I was a less-than-pleasant breakfast companion. I was wooed, however, by the adorable entrees and delicious pastries that lined the walls of the hotel’s executive lounge. The verdict: the food here is much better than Minnesota’s finest. Sorry not sorry.


We decided to spend our first whole day in Prague by exploring the historic city center, which was dripping with tourist attractions that seemed very out of place in the middle of castles and gorgeous baroque architecture.

After a pleasant trip through the metro involving a very paranoid Olive clinging to her bag for dear life (hey, there’s a sign that says BEWARE OF THIEVES in bright red Czech), we were greeted by shiny cobblestones and performing artists dancing/singing/miming in the streets. A man was blowing child-sized bubbles. Horse-drawn tour carts clip-clopped over the stones. It was as if a traveling renaissance fair had taken up permanent shop in a cigarette-perfumed, graffiti-covered city.

I’m not terribly educated on the history of Prague, so my all-knowing mother (guidebook in hand) pointed out the main attractions: a clock tower that on the hour delivers a host of saints through windows above the whirling astrological symbols (amassing a huge crowd of Asian tourists as it does), St. Charles bridge (we rubbed a shield for good luck, still not sure why), and St. Vitus Cathedral, where we visited the crown jewels. Apparently collecting the blood-soaked teeth of a saint keeps evil spirits away. Morbid, but interesting.

DSCN2615DSCN2619DSCN2618DSCN2617DSCN2636DSCN2625 DSCN2641 DSCN2645 DSCN2651 DSCN2664 DSCN2654 DSCN2653   DSCN2667

We wandered back to a shopping center, purchased the forgotten Android charger for our global access phones, and ate open-faced sandwiches and pastries from a little shop in the mall, all for under 150 crowns (~$7). Cheeeeap cheap cheap, and very tasty.

DSCN2673DSCN2674Czech learned today:

Na shledanou: goodbye! At last, a pronunciation my mother begrudgingly approved. Nahs-schleh-don-o. This is fun to say!

zavření: closing. Learned this on the metro.

palačinky: pancakes, or really thin crepes

I didn’t learn a lot of new words, but I was able to translate a few words/phrases from signage along the way, a fact of which I was quite proud.

Na shledanou!



3 Responses to “My Trip to Prague: Day 2”

  1. juju da great August 25, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    Glad to sèe you are alive 🙂 I MISS YOU OLIVE ❤

    • Olivia August 25, 2013 at 3:30 pm #

      Yes I am 🙂 Miss you too Juju!


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