My Trip to Prague: Day 1

24 Aug

We’ve finally arrived! The trip here was a bit harrowing, but we’re firmly nestled in the comfort of our hotel room, sipping sparkling water and giggling at the bidet (I bet my brother a dollar he wouldn’t use it).

The view from our window!

The view from our window!



My mother casually reading a Czech newspaper.

My mother casually reading a Czech newspaper.



We experienced every international traveler’s nightmare when we discovered that, in the hustle and bustle of rescheduling flights (bad weather in JFK, rerouted to Paris), our luggage seems to have disappeared. Luckily, in a surprising display of organization, the airport delivered our bags to the hotel a few hours later, just long enough for us to wonder how long an extra outfit and one tube of toothpaste could last us. Crisis averted.

DSCN2575Once we got to the airport in Prague, we took a taxi to the hotel. The people here drive as though they are driving to their deaths! No speed limit sticklers, turn signals are occasionally used merely to experience the novelty of obeying the law, and the lanes and sidewalks are so narrow that I was clinging to my seat as the driver nearly sideswiped a pedestrian backing out of the airport. As we drove, my mother practiced her rusty Czech (she moved from Czechoslovakia to the US in 1977) and the drivers responded by gesticulating wildly with both hands. I’m not the religious type, folks, but I was praying.

For dinner, my mother asked the concierge (in Czech!) for nearby restaurants, and he kindly escorted us through a graffiti-covered tunnel to a little place called “Tradiční česká kuchyně,” the only thing I’ve been able to translate since my arrival. I played it safe and ordered salad with tomatoes and lox (smoked salmon), and we all shared a chocolate souffle for dessert. I’ve never taken so many pictures of my food.

DSCN2592DSCN2599My mother’s been trying to teach us new words, but I’m resisting on the grounds that my mouth refuses to make the sounds that come very naturally to her. In the interest of furthering my cultural experience, I’ll chronicle the new words and phrases I’ve learned.

Tradiční česká kuchyně: Traditional Czech cuisine

prosím/prosíme: please (this appears to be used as “you’re welcome” as well)

děkuji: thank you (this is nearly impossible for my English-speaking self to pronounce, the nearest phonetic spelling I can think of is ghek-kwee. Sorry for my butchering of this proud language!)

koruna: crown, the monetary unit (1 USD=19.17 korun). The money here is a lot prettier than our dollars, I will hopefully be able to bring a few hundred korun back with me as a souvenir 🙂

dobrý den: good morning

dobrou noc: goodnight

The time difference from Minnesota to Prague is 7 hours ahead, so I’m wide awake at midnight. Go figure. I’m sure I’ll pay for it tomorrow!

Dobrou noc everyone, děkuji for reading my blog! Pictures are coming next week, I promise 🙂


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