Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review

9 Aug

I was excited but apprehensive for the movie sequel to The Lightning Thief because I was a huge fan of Rick Riordan’s books when I was in middle school, but I think the first movie deviated so much from the plot of the book that it completed ruined my childhood (no exaggeration, I was devastated). This one didn’t do much to change that. I’ll try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible!

I could tell that the writers/producers/directors/”movie people” were trying to correct past mistakes, because they added Stanley Tucci (a marvelous choice) as Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. He was an important, albeit irritating, character in the books and was overlooked in the original cast. Two characters that did not make an appearance in Sea of Monsters were Percy’s mother and father, which surprised me because they were such pivotal characters in the books.

Putting the events and characters in the books aside, it was an okay movie. The special effects were a bit over-the-top, but when you have a rainbow horse mermaid fish (you heard me) and a giant cyclops in a loincloth, I guess you have the right to push boundaries. Spoiler: But the portrayal of the Titan Chronos really bothered me, for lack of a better phrase. Other than the embarrassingly bad CGI, it was poorly thought out; his appearance had no significance to the second book and completely deviated from how he was meant to ‘rise’ from the dead. Again, having been so attached to the books makes me a little biased, but it bothers me that the books were so fantastic and the movie makes little to no attempt to follow the intended plotline. The books made the events interconnected and important; the movies seem to jumble them together in ways that make no sense to the story just for dramatic flair.

Gosh, I’m terrible at being an unbiased reviewer, aren’t I? O.o

One of the only things I liked about this movie was the cast. Logan Lerman is exactly how I pictured Percy, a hero with just enough dopey to make him sympathetic and lovable. Dionysus was appropriately infuriating. My family and I agreed that sincere and loyal Tyson stole the show. Annabeth finally got her act together and went blond, but other than that seemed to have very little purpose to the story, which was disappointing (gotta get those strong female role models in there). Nathan Fillion as Hermes was fantastic (anyone catch his little slip about his favorite TV shows?). I wish Poseidon had made an appearance, but that might just be me.

I’d love to be all objective about this review, but truth is I went into the movie without expectations (hey, the trailer looked pretty good, but there’s the train wreck of a prequel…) and left feeling vaguely dissatisfied, a feeling that grew as I stewed on writing a review (that rhymes). I wish they’d listened to fans and kept the events in the movie truer to the books. It could’ve been a good movie, but as is I’d give it a 1.5/5. The ending made it pretty clear there’ll be another movie, so I give a silent prayer to Mr. Columbus: please, please don’t screw this one up.


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