Viper-Inspired Makeup (from The Wolverine)

2 Aug

Here’s a continuation of yesterday’s LOTD post in which I transformed ordinary green eyeliner…into my take on the Viper’s makeup from The Wolverine movie (my review of the movie here)! It’s tough to find pictures of her that show her makeup clearly; in hindsight I think the shape of the eye makeup was thicker and more rounded, but I liked the idea of sharpening the lines in the inner and outer corners to match her personality (and tongue…). Her lip color was much darker than the one I chose, but I have to go somewhere today, so I can’t be looking like a supervillain (sorry, Target shoppers). If you want to recreate her makeup exactly, I’d go for a dark wine-colored lip.


I thought this claw ring looked a bit like the Viper’s long nails…


Products used were the same as yesterday’s post, with the addition of the e.l.f. Kohl Pencil in Black.

How to:

1. Follow the steps in yesterday’s LOTD post.

2. Bring the green eyeshadow into the inner corner of your eye and flick it out to a point.

3. Add extra darkness to your lashlines with a thin line of black eyeliner.

4. With a fluffy crease brush, create a cut crease with the dark green eyeshadow, stopping halfway across your lid and fading out.

5. If desired, apply a dark purple lipstick for complete authenticity. You’re finished!

I hope you enjoyed this Viper-inspired look, leave a comment if you’d like me to recreate celebrity/movie character looks, I’d love to take a stab at ’em 😀


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