Supernatural Seasons 4, 5, & 6 Review

31 Jul

I’m terribly lax about updating my reviews apparently, but I’ve been going through seasons like crazy. I’ll try not to spoil endings, but it’s tough to not give away details when I’m reviewing multiple seasons. If you want to keep secrets completely unsullied, avoid the stars (***) that denote serious spoilers.

Around season 4 I started to notice a pattern: somewhere in the beginning to middle of the season, a new “major villain” would come into the picture and the brothers and their comrades spend the rest of the season preparing to battle it out in the final episode. I recently introduced a friend to the show, and although she fell rather hard, her complaint was that the episodes in the first few seasons were too cut-and-dry and repetitive. If you’re of the same mind, rest assured the big villains get bigger and the storylines get MUCH MUCH hairier. 

Sam tended to be the nerdy, empathetic character in the first few seasons, but this changes very rapidly in season 4. He gets a bit scary as Ruby returns and makes rapid work of befriending him. Dean doesn’t trust her, which drives a wedge between the tight-knit brothers as they fight to stop demons from breaking the seals that guard the devil’s cage. There’s an exciting twist at the end of season 4…here I am dying to give it away, but I won’t. Season 4 also introduces the angels, heaven’s messengers/warriors with no sense of humor. They play a major role in coming seasons, particularly Castiel.

Season 5 leaves the brothers to deal with Lucifer’s mess. They find out that the angels aren’t entirely united in their aims to either stop or bring the apocalypse, and that ***they plan to have an archangel face off against the devil and throw him back into his cage.*** It’s difficult not to give away spoilers on this one, but the end of the season requires a significant sacrifice from one of the brothers. In this season we are introduced to Crowley, a rogue demon whom you can’t help liking even though he’s likely to backstab everyone he makes a deal with.

Season 6 is a big one, with overlapping conflicts from heaven, hell, and everything in between. ***Major spoiler here: Sam returns (won’t tell you how or why, can’t give too much away:))***, but he’s missing a key piece that the brothers must track down and restore. Crowley searches for purgatory, the angels have a civil war, Castiel desperately tries to restore order, and everyone drinks a lot of beer. Good times all round.

These seasons contain a few unrelated but entertaining episodes like “It’s a Terrible Life,” “Changing Channels,” “The Real Ghostbusters,” “Swap Meat,” “Live Free or Twi-Hard,” and “The French Mistake” to lighten the mood and send the brothers into unfamiliar (and hilarious) scenarios, so don’t worry if the subject matter gets a bit heavy, there’s always Sam starring in a commercial for herpes medication to cheer you up 😀 And of course Jensen Ackles (Dean) lip syncing and dancing to “Eye of the Tiger” at the end of “Yellow Fever.” Even if you don’t watch the show, you ought to have that in your life.

What a long review! Hopefully it’ll motivate me to post a review of a season immediately after I finish watching it…

Cheers everyone and happy watching of whatever show(s) you’re addicted to, be it Supernatural or Sherlock or Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or…well, you get the picture 🙂


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