The Wolverine Review

29 Jul

I’m back with another movie review! No serious spoilers will be mentioned.

First of all, can we just take a minute. Can we just.

Ok, minute taken. On to the review!

My level of excitement for this film was fairly on par with that of Superman, but considering the letdown that that turned out to be (my review here), I was on my guard for this one. It didn’t disappoint.

The story started with a flashback to World War 2, when pre-adamantium Logan/Wolverine saves a young Japanese soldier named Yashida from the atomic bomb. In the present day, Logan is called back from his “exile” after the showdown in X3 to Japan to say goodbye to Yashida, now an old man dying of cancer. When he arrives, he is told that Yashida’s company might have a way to “pass on” Logan’s healing ability and make him virtually mortal, an appealing concept to the centuries-old Wolverine.The film rotates around the idea of the Wolverine’s strength without his usual invincibility as he is focused on protecting Yashida’s granddaughter Mariko from the Japanese mob while being plagued with visions of his, girlfriend Jean Gray.

One of the film’s downfalls was its confusing variety of villains. The main villains were the mob and the Viper, a shady mutant who likes to wear tight green catsuits and poison her victims. Yet a few characters double- and triple-cross their respective sides and make me wish they would start wearing name tags so I could keep them all straight.

Despite this issue and the lack of other mutants to keep the special effects interesting, the beautiful and dangerous settings of traditional and inner-city Japan and Mariko’s redheaded, ninja-like adoptive sister Yukio made the movie surprising and entertaining. I’ve been studying Chinese, so I could read and understand a bit of the similar language, which was exciting for me. And of course, Wolverine is his usual bad*ss self, fighting on top of bullet trains and rescuing damsels and finding excuses to remove his shirt at every turn (no complaints).

For the most part, the action scenes were a bit unfortunate, but there is a sadly abbreviated ninja battle at the end that made me somewhat emotional, which takes a lot 🙂 I was disappointed by the ending as it just closes without tying up a few loose ends, but I suppose they’re leaving those for the sequel.

Sequel, you say? Until this film, I was of the opinion that they should just stop making X-Men films before they turn into utter train wrecks (eh hem, X3), but this one has me geared up for the promised sequel. If you don’t want to be cursing Marvel for the world’s best/worst after-credits teaser, don’t stay after the movie ends. Read: STAY AFTER THE MOVIE ENDS! Then come back and commiserate with me, for I am here to listen.

All in all, a 3/5 and a big “hurry up on that sequel” from Olive.

I hope you enjoy(ed) the movie! Have you seen The Wolverine yet? What did you think?


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