My Feelings on County Fair Extortion

26 Jul

Having spent the last few days carting my siblings around the county fair, I’ve had time to consider my feelings on spending money like water. I’ve never been a great saver, but I don’t like to spend needlessly, even if it isn’t my money (in this case it was our long-suffering mother’s). Since everything at the fair is SO SO SO OVERPRICED, we ended up spending $60 on rides, games, and food over the course of 2 hours. Blehhhh.

My mother preaches the mantra that “money is better spent on experiences than material possessions,” but I still have trouble slapping down $10 for a handful of balloon-popping darts, even at the tugging insistence of my wonderful siblings, especially considering the end result amounted to nothing but a stuffed starfish worth less than a buck. Yay for extortion!

All in all though, I’d much rather spend a day experiencing tremendous g-forces and eating myself sick on cotton candy and apple pie than at home, safe in the realization that nothing I own requires tickets. Especially if it isn’t my money I’m spending 🙂


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