My Childhood Park Experience Part 2

20 Jul

Today, my friend and I went to a park near my house. Since it’s so close, I spent a lot of time there as a child, covered in sand and twigs and small insects. Sadly, my attempts to relive my childhood fell flat once again (Part 1 here).

I used to love the swingset, but after having a quick competition to see who could swing the highest (I was the undeniable winner), I focused more on the developing blisters on my palms and the pain in my legs than the exhilaration of swinging. So we hopped off and tried a game where one person sits in a train car-esque toy while the other person pushes them along a track. I used to love sitting on top of the train (I know, such a rebel), but I found that it was significantly easier to get up there than it used to be; thus, the end product wasn’t nearly as satisfying.

The same happened with the tunnel. Other than static electricity and a brief stint upside-down before Elizabeth convinced me of my foolishness, I didn’t garner half as much enjoyment from the feeling of sitting high above the chaos and sand as I used to.

There’s something that comes with growing up. When you’re taller, tall things aren’t as intimidating as they used to be. The challenge shrinks. The forgotten daredevil inside of you scoffs at the thought of doing what you were once terrified to attempt. The park is no longer an adventure.

So, we did what any mentally and emotionally stable teenagers would do: staged a competition. Whoever’s drunk-stumbles-to-large-rock-and-falls-facedown-upon-it impression is best wins! (Don’t tell her but…Elizabeth won.)


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