L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Review

18 Jul

I’ve been steadily buying up my local Target’s supply of the L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadows and decided it was high time for a review. Swatchfest incoming!

Note: All shadows swatched dry, no primer/base, ~2 swipes. Without flash:


With flash:


Continue reading for more swatches and a full review!

Left to right: Eternal Black, Continuous Cocoa, Amber Rush, Iced Latte, Golden Emerald


Left to right: Infinite Sky, Endless Sea, Liquid Diamond, Perpetual Purple, Glistening Garnet


The website’s description:

For the 1st time ever, L’Oréal Paris introduces an ultra intense eye shadow that lasts from day until dawn—a full 24 hours. This revolutionary formula fuses the ease of a powder with the velvety caress of a cream to create a unique hybrid that glides on effortlessly. And with its unique technology, your eyes are enhanced with pure, magnified pigment. Make a lasting impression without batting an eye.

  • Intense, maximized color
  • Luxurious powder-cream texture
  • 24-hour long-lasting hold
  • Waterproof, crease resistant, fade resistant

The first thing I noticed about these shadows was the texture. They are soft. I had to read the packaging to figure out whether they were intended to be a cream or powder product. Some go on smoother than others, but they are all very soft and pigmented. All of the shadows above are shimmery or glittery with the exception of Continuous Cocoa, which is nearly matte (it has a slight shimmer).

I love the color selection! My favorites are Liquid Diamond, which is a gorgeous lilac-grey, and Amber Rush, which is a more pigmented dupe for e.l.f.’s Baked Eyeshadow in Toasted. As much as I love their pigmentation, these shadows swatch fabulously but don’t do as well when applied with a brush. To be honest, they come off a bit patchy and accompanied by a lot of fallout. To prevent this, I’ve found it’s much easier to apply the shadows with my fingers and blend them out with a brush.

As for their 24-hour wear claim, I can safely debunk it. These shadows do not last any longer on me than I’ve come to expect from eyeshadows, even with a primer and a base. They’re still beautiful shadows but you’ll need a miracle (or a setting spray) to get them to last that long.

Would I buy them again? Yes! I’m planning on getting more colors soon (aka when I’m not broke) 🙂 You can buy these eyeshadows here.


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