Little Strengths and Weaknesses

12 Jul

I think we’ve all reflected in on ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses at some point in time, but today I’ve decided to put aside the big stuff and focus on the little things.

My (Little) Strengths:

– I am very good at Googling things. If I can’t find what you’re looking for in under a minute, be it King Arthur’s last name (Plantagenet) or directions from California to Japan (jet-ski across the Pacific Ocean), it can’t be found.

– I always know when my food is cooked. I’ll be sitting at the computer 2 rooms away from the kitchen, having completely forgotten about my food, when a bolt of energy will hit me. I’ll walk in and my pasta will be boiling merrily away, cooked to perfection. Every time.

– I can guess my clothing size with surprising accuracy. I used to be highly adverse to changing rooms; they’re confined, I’m always a bit paranoid of cameras, and I don’t like to think of all the things that those little mirrors have seen. Luckily, I seemed to be able to guess my size pretty well, because 95% of the clothing I brought home fits fine.

My (Little) Weaknesses:

– I can’t cook anything. It’s not that I burn water, but other than knowing when my food’s cooked, I have no interest in the subject. This will not serve me well as a housewife, so I guess I have to make sure I never become one. Housewives of the world, I respect your cooking abilities.

– I have no directional sense. I need to look up directions to our local grocery store. I get lost in other people’s neighborhoods. Heck, I get lost in my own neighborhood! As a new driver, this is not a good thing.

– I forget dates, phone numbers, and addresses. I can remember every actor in every movie I’ve ever seen, but I can’t remember my best friend’s house number or the date of the American Revolution. It’s hopeless.

Well, that just about wraps up my self-examination of the day. What are your little strengths and weaknesses?


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