Supernatural Season 3 Review

7 Jul

I still love it, so I’m still reviewing. My review of Season 1 and Season 2 here and here. Warning: may contain spoilers from seasons 1 and 2.

Wow. This season had some amazing episodes, “Ghostfacers,” “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” and “Mystery Spot” being my favorites, possibly of all time ever. I was chatting with a friend at the time, and I kept having to pause the episode to look up the funny moments on youtube to send her. If you’ve ever seen the movie Groundhog Day, Mystery Spot is basically that but with the endearing brothers instead of sardonic Bill Murray. I enjoyed the necklace feature in “A Very Supernatural Christmas” because I own a replica (I’m a geek, or so I’ve been told).

This season was all about cleaning up the mess the brothers made by opening the Devil’s Gate at the end of season 2. When the gate was opened, it released hundreds of evil spirits that they then had to track down and kill, including the seven deadly sins and a new demon leader named Lilith. These new nasties made for an entertaining season.

Season 3 continues to explore the brothers’ pasts, making their father out to be a bit of an unforgiving hard*ss. Despite this, it’s full of warm fuzzies that will make you want to order an amulet, too. Cheers everyone!


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